March 3, 2015

It was "mint" to be

Hi!! I won't even bore with you why I haven't been around. Just know that I met with some lovely blogging friends last night for dinner and they convinced me not to give up. I am!

Tim and I have been busy little bee's around the house lately. We started a new project before even finishing the last one. The bathroom is ALMOST DONE folks!! ALMOST! But in the mean time I decided to finally get rid of the "Winnie the Pooh" yellow in our house. I honestly felt bad for anyone who might have to sleep in there. It was so neon and harsh and well...just look at the before pics. And so that you don't click off when you see them, I'll show you my inspiration board first.

I have known since I first laid eyes on this room that I wanted to do a "pinterest-y" mint, coral and gold "theme". A lot of people would say this color combo is more suited for a nursery but I think these colors can be very elegant and sophisticated like in the inspiration above.

Not only is this space going to be used as a guest room but it will become my "office space" and workout space so I wanted it to be fun and girly. I know Tim would never go for these colors in any other room of the house.

I thought that this room would be last on the list to complete but then Gabby gave made me some artwork for Christmas that fit this theme. I knew I had to get started right away so that I could hang those beauties and make my dream room a reality!

Shortly after, my AWESOME friend Denise came to visit and helped me paint the guest room. I waited until the very last minute to decide on a color but I am OBSESSED with it. Seriously, I used to shut the door because I couldn't stand to look in there and now I can't imagine closing this room off.

I will do a full reveal when it's finished but for now I want to show you the progress and some of the little details that I've been working on.

Here was my to-do list:
-paint walls mint
-paint trim (didn't want to but it NEEDED it)
-hang artwork
-new desk
-new desk chair
-paint dresser coral
-new coral greek key pillows
-window treatments?
-headboard makeover

Sorry in advance for the iPhone pics!

I told you it was bad.

Not exactly cozy and inviting in my opinion. Although Gabby's handmade pillow sure helps :)

Bye, bye yellow!! Thank you, Denise!!!

 I wanted to share this mess of a room before I put it back together. Most people would leave this out but I think its good to show progress. It didn't magically become pretty and functional. I had to find a home for all of this stuff.
Here are some pics of the color at night. I still need one more lamp for when we do have guests.

And then there was that one time that I matched my guest room!

Gabby made me the "H" picture. I think the window sill is the perfect spot for it with a nice plant and mint candle. The bottom frame I found at Hobby Lobby over the weekend and I just couldn't resist!!
Artie say's "Welcome"! We are almost ready for visitors. And I can't wait to show you the other half of the room (my new ikea/ diy desk)

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