September 30, 2013

Sugared Hues {Design Collaboration}

Its time for the September Mood board collaboration!!

I skipped last months but I am so glad to be back and since then, we have had even more creative ladies join the group!

Every month we will rotate choosing a color inspiration photo and all create a board based on it. It can be interior design, graphic design, fashion, etc. We will each post the boards on our blogs on the same day. Hopefully you will enjoy these inspiration filled posts. I know I am interested to see everyone's different styles and interpretations. You can click on the links to their blogs to see a full list of resources!

I immediately fell in love with this month’s color inspiration. My initial thought was to go with a somewhat nautical scheme but I didn't want to go overboard. I wanted to use it in a dining room setting so I had to give it some sophistication. Navy is one of my favorite hues (I mean I used it in my wedding) and I love the contrast of the coral and gold against it. I tend to use a lot of color in my designs but I wanted to restrain myself a little with this because the mustard, navy and coral can each stand on their own. P.S Do you recognize these curtains?? They are in my bedroom in green!

Rug: West Elm
Dining Chairs: Williams Sonoma
Dining Table: West Elm
Drapes: Target
Lighting: Urban Outfitters
Art: Etsy
Credenza: Target
Bowl: Target

ENJOY the rest of these lovely bloggers' designs!

I had so much fun with this month’s collaboration because it went perfectly with the idea i had in my head for a space in my house. i’ve been thinking about the hall bathroom and how to make the most of the very small space. it’s going to be the shared bathroom between the two kids so i wanted to reflect both genders as well as have a more grown up feel. when lizzie picked this inspiration palette i knew it was meant to be!come visit me to see the sources!

I love these colors together. I had fun coming up with a more girly living room than I would normally use in my own home, but now I'm kind of obsessed with that rug. Stop by{} to see all my sources!

This color pallet of coarl, mustard, and navy with a neutral background are perfect for a girly bedroom. Click over to see the sources!

This color pallet of coarl, mustard, and navy with a neutral background are perfect for a girly bedroom. Click over to see the sources!

I'm calling this my "rustic glam" dining room. I got a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities because I love this color combo so much, but in the end I kept it pretty simple but cozy. I stuck with white walls (looking out for renters!) but I think a warm greige would be really pretty too. Visit me at for more details and sources.

Coral, mustard, blue and GREEN? Sometimes it's okay to think outside of the box! Hop on over to to see how this guest bedroom came together!

Want a design board for your home? Get one HERE

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September 24, 2013

Fall Bucket List 2013

It's time....for my Fall Bucket List of course! I made a short one last year but I am really, really excited for Fall this year so its going to be much longer!

Before I do that, I thought I would share how we kicked off the first day of Fall! Erin and Brandon were so kind to give us tickets to the VT v Marshall game this weekend so we headed to Blacksburg and invited my parents to join us. It rained the entire game but we won in 3rd overtime!! On Sunday, we went with Ty and Gabby to the Roanoke Star. We had ourselves a little picnic (from McAllister's Deli) and enjoyed the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day!
Family pic :)

(photos taken by Gabby)

I am ALSO excited about a blogger swap that I signed up for. 
We found out our partners yesterday. I can't wait to get to know Mandy Jean better! Stay tuned to see what we send each other :)

What's on your Must-Do list this fall?

What should we dress Artie as? We have been thinking an alligator since he LOVES his gator toy! I am also partial to the food costumes because they are just hilarious! 


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September 20, 2013

The Greeting Card Shop

Ever realize you forgot to buy a birthday card or wedding card for someone. Don't have time to run out to the store and fight the traffic and crowds? Well, I have a fast and easy solution for you! The Greeting Card Shop 

" is an online greeting card shop that allows our customers to personalize a greeting card with a message and a photo to be mailed directly to their recipient. These are not e-cards; they are paper greeting cards which are printed and mailed via USPS. The site offers convenient features such as the ability to set reminders for future birthdays and holidays, as well as the ability to import contacts to make sending cards easier."

Here are some of my favorite cards that The Greeting Card Shop offers!

Let's recap shall we:
  1. ALL CARDS are just $1.99
  2. You can personalize it
  3. They mail it for you
  4. They have cards for every occasion!
  5. They send you reminders for upcoming birthdays
What's not to love? Be sure to use The Greeting Card shop for your stationary needs!

Want your own Spotlight post???  Head on over to my Sponsor page to see how you can get one.

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September 17, 2013

Get your Watercolor on {Etsy Shop}

I hinted before on the blog that I was thinking about starting an Etsy shop. If you follow me on facebook or twitter than you already know but....

I introduce to you:

Designer in Teal Watercolor Designs can shop right here! (or you can click over to Etsy and shop :)

-EVERY piece is customizable!
-Most of the listings right now are digital. You buy it ($5) and you get an instant download with the files to print on your own. If you want me to print it and mail it you, let me know and I will make a custom listing for you.

-If you like one of the ones above but don't like blue or want a different font, I would be HAPPY to edit it for you!

The most important listing in my shop is the Custom Watercolor Painting. This is a real watercolor that I will paint for you after I finish the design (and you approve it).

These will be mailed to you in a plastic sleeve and photo mailer to ensure its protection. They are cut to 8" x 10" making it fit perfectly in a standard matte and frame.



Here are some ideas to get you started: 
(but remember if you have an idea not listed, just comment or message me and we can make it happen for you)

  • "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get"- Forrest Gump

  • "You is kind. You is smart. You is important" -The Help
  • "
    Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there"
  • Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths. Psalm 25:4
  • She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25
  • As for me and my house, we will serve the lord Joshua 24:15
  • Hey Y'all
  • Home is where the Heart is
  • Always Kiss me Goodnight

  • "Will you stay with me, will you be my love, among the fields of barley, we’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky, as we lie in the fields of gold"
  • "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey"


  • Wedding date/vows
  • baby's name and birthday
  • Monogram/ family names
  • child's silhouette
  • etc...

I will keep you posted on new listings or discounts!!!

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September 15, 2013

Blogtember- Catching Up!!

I am behind on the Blogtember topics so I am going to try and catch up in the next few days. Some posts I will lump together. Ready, set, go:

Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. (at the end, find the detailed profile of your personality account - click "click to view" under "You" and "self awareness and personal growth." You can even google your type and find more info on it!)
Famous People that are ENFJ's:

-Abraham Lincoln
-Diane Sawyer
-Oprah Winfrey
-Ronald Reagan
-Martin Luther King Jr.

I know there is a lot to read below but I thought it was interesting to find out more about myself. Some things I definitely agree with and some I am not sure fit me, but just read what you feel like.

"ENFJs often find themselves in occupations that require good interpersonal skills to establish productive collaboration as well as to establish or maintain effective work process. ENFJs one of the most “universal” personality types and they build successful careers in a broad range of organizations and occupations. There are many ENFJs found among mid- and high-rank management roles. Sales, various social services, counseling, teaching, healthcare, community care as well as legal and paralegal services are just some of the examples of favourable occupations for ENFJs."- source

"Popular hobbies for the ENFJ include organizing social events, reading, the arts, museums, storytelling, listening to music, writing, and gourmet cooking." - source

All of this information came directly from

"ENFJ's tend to be more reserved about exposing themselves than other extraverted types. Although they may have strongly-felt beliefs, they're likely to refrain from expressing them if doing so would interfere with bringing out the best in others. Because their strongest interest lies in being a catalyst of change in other people, they're likely to interact with others on their own level, in a chameleon-like manner, rather than as individuals."

"Which is not to say that the ENFJ does not have opinions. ENFJs have definite values and opinions which they're able to express clearly and succinctly. These beliefs will be expressed as long as they're not too personal. ENFJ is in many ways expressive and open, but is more focused on being responsive and supportive of others. When faced with a conflict between a strongly-held value and serving another person's need, they are highly likely to value the other person's needs."

"People love ENFJs. They are fun to be with, and truly understand and love people. They are typically very straight-forward and honest. Usually ENFJs exude a lot of self-confidence, and have a great amount of ability to do many different things. They are generally bright, full of potential, energetic and fast-paced. They are usually good at anything which captures their interest."

"ENFJs like for things to be well-organized, and will work hard at maintaining structure and resolving ambiguity. They have a tendency to be fussy, especially with their home environments."

"In general, ENFJs are charming, warm, gracious, creative and diverse individuals with richly developed insights into what makes other people tick. This special ability to see growth potential in others combined with a genuine drive to help people makes the ENFJ a truly valued individual. As giving and caring as the ENFJ is, they need to remember to value their own needs as well as the needs of others."

What is your personality type? Do you share the same one as me?
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September 8, 2013

Fall in a Cup

Today's Sundial Social questions are ALL about Fall :) I just had my first (of the year) pumpkin spice frappe (a.k.a fall in a cup) from Starbucks yesterday! And we got pumpkin cheesecake pepperidge farm cookies from Target! Go get you some...NOW! Anyone else as excited as I am for fall??

1. What is your favorite fall activity? Going to the pumpkin patch! My favorite is Sinkland Farms near Blacksburg but we found one to go to here in Richmond last year.

2. Do you follow a football team? Of course I do! My HOKIES :) Sad that I am no longer a student and can't make it to all of the games but I will be cheering them on even if it is from my living room.

 3. What is something fun about fall in your area? I am not quite familiar with everything to do in Richmond in the fall but we certainly enjoyed walking down Monument Ave last year. It is SO pretty. We really do get to fully experience all 4 seasons here.


4. What are your favorite fall staple outfits? I wouldn't say there is a specific outfit but I LOVE wearing my boots, scarves, jeans or cords and sweaters!

5. What things are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season? 
One of Tim's friends is getting married at a vineyard in October! Can't wait! Also looking forward to baking lots of pumpkin things and taking Artie for walks in the crisp air :)

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Tradition? Ooohh I love Halloween and Thanksgiving so I don't think I can pick. I love the fellowship with family during Thanksgiving and the cute trick-or-treaters we had last year. We will probably even do a ghost tour downtown this year.

Fall Favorites Link Up

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