January 31, 2013

Guest Post: Veronica @ PP&P

So I video chatted through fb (after attempting google hangout and skype) with this awesome blogger Veronica this past weekend and we hit it off. We decided to ~swap~ blogs for the day so I hope you will enjoy learning about her as much as I did! And you should probably follow her too...just sayin'!

Hello Designer in Teal readers! Samantha has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers in the blogosphere. I'm Veronica and I blog over at Passion,Pink and Pearls. We have several similarities, like the fact that we both graduated and got married last year, we're the same age, we both love dogs (though I have mine and she doesn't quite yet), we're loving blogging...oh yeah and then there's the little thing, we're both interior designers!

Samantha shares great information with you all every week about interior design, I'm not so on top of things...you're more likely to find posts about my new puppy, my sweet hubby, randomness of life or my various craft projects. Today, though, Samantha has snapped me out of my design posting lazyness and I've got some serious "in" information for you guys, known very well by interior designers and vaguely by others. What is that information? Important knowledge for designing interior spaces....understanding design elements and principles...ready for to swing back to school for a sec? I've got a short and sweet lesson for you!

Here's a quick snippet:

These elements and principles essentially play out as "rules" in interior design. A well designed space incorporates all these elements and principles while highlighting specific ones. There are all kinds of definitions of these out there, including Wikepedia's page and even my own few projects I did in school. I'd love to spend the time explaining each but you'd probably be sick and tired of me so I'll keep it short and sweet and just include some picture examples of a few of them.

The Elements:
Line can be achieved through elaborate directed design or in real simple
lines themselves. Here, a bathroom door is dressed up with highlight
lines on the doors and a linear tile mosaic under the door.

Here, texture is achieved through the use of various materials. The rough
and various dimensions of the stone is played off the smooth wood block
and the shiny, crisp stainless surface.
This space has a tall ceiling, a grand volume, which is filled with both
smaller scaled furniture and larger scaled furniture. In addition, the
monitor is placed in a wood grain box that emphasizes the volume
of the space but also brings it to scale, giving it a cozy feeling.

Now light, doesn't always have to mean exactly a "light," but of course
sometimes can be.  In this case, the light played up the name of the
location (a fabulous breakfast boutique in Norman, OK) and drew an
emphasis to this dark wall...creating contrast too. This pieces was/is a
pivotal part of their design!
The Principles:
This awesome coffee table plays up plenty of elements/principles but one
we primarily notice is balance. There is the balance of the various materials
in the table itself...then there's the balance of the size/scale of the table
to the floor space and boxyness of the chairs.
This space dramatizes the play of texture, light, and
color which all together creates a vivid display of
contrast. From the light ceiling to the dark wall, to the
fluffy texture and the smooth, tufted booth.
Obviously, this is a classroom so repetition is forced but the idea still holds.
Even in a classroom environment, you want to coordinate the prodcuts
so they all come together smoothy and create a repetitive and
smooth combination.
This is a rather simple display of unity and variety. The back spash is unified
through the same pattern and shape up and down the wall but variety is
formed when the mosaic tiles take on different shades. The grass reeds throw
more texture into the design which emphasizes the unity/variety.
The walls of this frozen yogurt shop could become out of
scale if not for the yogurt machine creating an overall
balance. The framing of the machine further proportions
them onto the walls, and the height of them off the ground
create a scale that brings the whole design to a human level.

And that's all I got for you today....perhaps I'll do a post sometime and elaborate more on all these. If you can master these design principles and elements than you're one step closer to becoming a true interior designer! ( course I'd recommend you attend a CIDA accredited school and subject yourself to the NCIDQ test before really calling yourself an interior designer...okay, okay, I'll chill out)  I hope this helped a few of you out. I'd  love to get to know some of you so please swing by my blog and let me know you were there! Happy Designing to you! (ps, it's almost FRIDAY!!! HOORAY)

oh yeah, I promised so fun, embarrassing photos from my freshman year in studio:

You can thank me later, Saxon.

Well that was fun...(and yes the above was done all by hand...those plans were perfect! I got a 100 on them in fact. #draftedmylifeaway #worthit #notmissingit (and yes, yes I did just use hashtags in a post).

See and you thought it was all fun and games, didn't you? Veronica, Thanks for having me. Be sure to stop over and see my post on Maximizing Space!

XO Samantha

January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Link-up with A Happy Wife in NOLA

Welcome to the 7th Wedding Wednesday Link Up Party with A Happy Wife in New Orleans!!! Whether you do WW posts every week or this is your first time, I invite you to join in! I have met some wonderful ladies so far and hope to meet many more :) These wedding posts never disappoint so what are you waiting for? Get reading!

What is this link up party all about?
Link up any wedding-related post on your blog. This can be a favorite post of yours previously written or a new post. Anything wedding related! Wedding planning, your own wedding recaps, a wedding you were in, a wedding you attended, bridal showers, engagement stories, honeymoons, etc... You get the picture! Be sure to link up a different post for every new link up party.

Now let's meet this week's co-hosts!
Ella @ Champagne + Cardigans
Kayln @ Love. Laughter. Happy Ever After.
Samantha @ Designer In Teal

Here are your "vows" to linking up:
1. You MUST follow your Host and Co-hosts {#1 - 4} via GFC.
2. Link up your favorite "wedding" related post on your blog. It could be a new post or one previously written. ** Be sure to include the link directly to that post.**
3. Please link back to me within your post (text link or party button). There will be times that I will feature my favorite posts and will only feature those posts that include a direct link back to me.
4. Visit other blogs that have linked up and let them you know stopped bye.
5. Spread the word about this fun link up party!
A Happy Wife in New Orleans

Interested in co-hosting a future Wedding Wednesday Link Up Party? 
Email Mary at rollingontheriverinheels@gmail.com!

I am so excited to see everyone's wedding post! 
Thank you for saying "I DO" to the Wedding Wednesday Link Up Party!

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Wedding Wednesday #4

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today's topic is STATIONARY!

Before I get into things, I want to wish my Mama a Happy Birthday! Love you!!

Stationary can define what your wedding is all about. It is the only picture into your wedding that your guests will receive beforehand.

You want all of it to be cohesive but it doesn't have to be too matchy. I was so thankful to have plenty of time to plan our wedding so I could find the best deal and make the best decision.

I knew I wanted our save the dates to include our engagement photos. I spent a ton of time searching for the perfect invitations. When I saw the mason jar shaped ones I couldn't pass them up. Etsy had so many beautiful ones but many were out of our price range. Remember that simple is better for a budget friendly wedding. The more elaborate you get the more costly and time consuming it is.

Save the dates:
Did them myself. You don't have to do a save the date but since we had such a long engagement I decided to.

The Blue Envelope Etsy Shop. They worked with me until we got the font, wording and colors just right! I was more than pleased with them and received many comments on how beautiful and unique they were.

Did them myself. I waited until the last minute but still happy with the result. Had to cut them all out!

Guest Book:
Its My Day Etsy Shop. Love my guest book! Its made as a binder so you can add/take away pages if you please. So happy we could do the burlap to tie into our theme.

Here were some of my inspirations photos from Pinterest when I was thinking about my stationary:

Do you think stationary is an important aspect of a wedding? Do you think mine reflected the rest of our wedding?

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Don't forget to link up to Wedding Wednesday w/ Mary @ A Happy Wife in NOLA!

Linking up to:

A Happy Wife in New Orleans

Semi Homemade Mom

XO Samantha

January 29, 2013

January 26, 2013

Me from A to Z

age: 22

bed size: full- using my bed from home to save money (would love to get a queen soon)

chore you hate: DISHES

dogs: want a pug puppy

essential start to your day: eating my cereal

favorite color: TEAL

gold or silver: silver for jewelry, gold in home decor

height: 5'2"

instrument you play: Clarinet in high school

job title: Interior Designer @ Courtney Ludeman Interiors

kids: none

live: life to the fullest!

married: on June 9th to my AMAZING hubby Tim

nicknames: a new one every day from my husband

overnight hospital stays: not since birth haha

pet peeve: when people are buried in their phones and ignore the people in front of them

quote:"Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful"- Hazrat Inavat Khan

righty or lefty: righty

siblings: one, my sis Ashley

time you wake up: 8 but sometimes I push it to 8:15 :P

university attended: Virginia Tech...GO HOKIES!

vegetables you dislike: I like most veggies...guess I would say Beets!

what makes you run late: not giving myself enough time to get ready...I am usually on time though!

x-rays you've had: only at the dentist

yummy food: Mac and cheese, mac mac and cheese... Can I have some please?
also.....Mexican food + Chocolate and peanut butter!

zoo animal favorite: Penguins for sure

Found this link-up over at Kristin's blog! Not sure where it started though...

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January 25, 2013

Help my blog friend!

I received an email a few weeks ago from Kaity asking for my help. Here is her story.
I moved to Richmond in 2001. Just 6 months later - when I was 23 - I was diagnosed with Stage IIB Hodgkins Lymphoma. I had no idea how lucky my move here was, because the VCU Massey Cancer Center is here, and I was able to be successfully treated with IV chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Shortly thereafter, I began running in the Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K as part of the Massey Challenge. I wanted to say thank you to the researchers, physicians, and staff who saved my life. Then in 2010, my doctors discovered that I also carry the BRCA1 gene mutation - the breast and ovarian cancer gene. This is particularly concerning for my team at Massey because my history of cancer was in my chest and abdomen. They recommended that I undergo a double mastectomy and hysterectomy. I have opted not to - largely because of the faith I have in the research they are doing and I know that they will have amazing treatments - if not a cure - by the time I need them.
So why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to help Kaity find a cure, reach her goal and continue to be cancer-free! Her goal is to raise $25,151 before April 13th!
Check out Kaity's blog {here}

If you want to KNOW MORE, check out this Times Dispatch article on Kaity!

Until we find a cure,

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January 24, 2013

Facts of Me

Since the people that have responded to the survey seem to like my random posts I am going to continue them...you're welcome! I found this link-up @ I Wore Yoga Pants to Work! Whitney is an amazing blogger and I love that she is so quirky and not afraid to embarrass herself. So here we go...I am going to tell all (and hopefully you'll stick around)

p.s. if you haven't taken the survey PLEASE go {here} I promise its short and sweet! I just want to get to know you better :)
  • I am a Ranch snob. I only like Hidden Valley and I might as well eat a salad dry if I don't have it. (see me and my old roomie even have a picture with it!)

  • I used to be a sumo-wrestler! Haha jk :P
  • I love cuddling! Cuddling's my favorite! (especially with this chica)

  • I consider this little guy as one of my best friends!!
  • I am soooo enjoying married life with this guy ;) 

  • I can't sleep with socks on EVER!
  • I will crave and eat ice cream even if its 10 degrees outside
  • I have to put my hair up to eat!
  • I graduated in the top 10 of my high school class.
  • I am a worrywart. I double/triple check that the stove is off at night and that the door is locked. Can't help it.
  • I love my Mac and I will probably cry when it quits on me (hopefully no time soon) :( I've had it for about 4 1/2 years.
  • I've never broken or fractured a bone!
I think I ran out of things after doing the liebster award random facts...but did you learn anything new about me?? Or just enjoy the embarrassing wrestling picture??

Will have lots of new posts coming really soon! Stick around :) Happy almost Friday! Is it supposed to snow where you are?

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