December 31, 2013

Highlights of 2013


Wow!! What can I say about 2013?? 2012 was the best year of my life so far so I didn't think this year could possibly live up to that...but I think it came pretty close. I learned a lot about myself, gained lots of new friends, grew in my marriage with Tim and nurtured our new child pup. I thank God for all of the amazing opportunities and blessings that he gave us and I hope you enjoy a little "replay"of those :)


  • We kicked off the New Year with dinner at Capital Ale House and a marathon of The Walking Dead
  • I went to my 1st blogger meet-up (cooking demo @ Kitchen Thyme)
  • We bought a new sofa :)
  • Gabby and I went to the Chihuly Exhibit
  • We had our 1st married Valentine's Day and Tim got me this gorgeous Coach purse
  • I got a new blog design.
  • Went to the Irish Parade and visited St. Johns Church
  • We got smartphones!
  • We went to Gerald and Michelle's wedding
  • I hosted my 1st blog giveaway!
  • I did the Overcome the Lie 40 Day Challenge (and gave up sweets)

  • Tim graduated the Masters program at VCU!
  • Celebrated Memorial Day weekend w/ Ty and Gabby
  • We looked for houses but ultimately decided to stay put for another year.
June (always a big month)

  • I went ziplining for Denise's bachelorette party (and had my first Melting Pot experience)
  • I planned a blogger dinner at Chuys!
  • We celebrated our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary!!
  • I celebrated my 23rd birthday with friends at The Cheesecake Factory
  • I was a bridesmaid in Denise and Logan's wedding!

  • We adopted Artie (our daschund/beagle pup)
  • Tim and I were in Olivia and Chad's wedding!
  • I celebrated my one year blogiversary!
  • Artie's 1st trip to Virginia Tech
  • I celebrated 1 year at my job!

  • I started an Etsy shop to sell custom watercolors.
  • We took a trip to Carter Mountain to pick apples (and eat apple cider donuts)
  • We picnicked at the Roanoke Star.

  • I gained a sister-in-law, Gabby!
  • We went to Emily and Tyler's wedding at Trump Winery
  • Artie graduated his training class!
  • We dressed Artie up as a shark for Halloween
  • We bought a car!
  • Kim and I went to the Catching Fire premiere (yes, this was a highlight) and got my favorite Frostings cupcakes
  • Tim turned 25!!!
  • We kept up our Tacky Lights Tour tradition
  • We celebrated our 2nd married Christmas

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December 29, 2013

12 Organizations-12 Months

If you don't already know about my CHALLENGE be sure to check out this intro post

Below is the list of charities we are donating to in 2014!! 

Remember, each month I will give you a short blurb on the chosen charity. This may be included in with other regular posts. It's still not too late to join me in this challenge. You can choose your own 12 charities or use this list. Just comment or email me at so that I can keep up with you!!

I am so excited to be giving back in 2014. We tried to choose a variety of organizations: local, national and international; health, human services and environmental. Each of these have some connection to our lives, whether it be where we live or someone we know that is in need. I hope this inspires you to give back or pay it forward in 2014.

January- Charity Water

September- Samaritan's Purse

*I will not be sharing how much we are contributing because that is our personal decision and may vary from month to month.
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December 21, 2013

Christmas Home 2013

So....I barely got this one out before Christmas even though our stuff has been up since the 1st week in December. Our decor is pretty similar to last year but there are enough changes that I think its worth sharing with you.

We have a new (much smaller) tree. Last year we borrowed an artificial one from my granny and I loved it. But our place is so much more full of stuff now that we couldn't fit one that big anymore. We got this little gem on major sale at Target and it works perfectly for the space we have. And I let Tim have his colored lights this year!!

I bought a few new decorations including some mercury glass votives (my mercury glass collection is growing :) I want to DIY more decorations for next year like this, this and this.

P.S. Here are all of my other Christmas posts if you missed any:
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A Christmas Party Outfit

Hot Cocoa and Christmas music to decorate the tree!

 LOTS of ornaments

Artie loves the reindeer ornament

New one from Target :D

Hokie Ornaments


 (I need to get some more recent pictures printed...)


Hope you enjoyed seeing our festive Christmas apartment!! Be sure to link up your Holiday Home!! And check out all the fabulous ladies linked up so far!! :)

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