October 31, 2012

100 things that make me happy :)

I don't like all of this cold,rainy, nasty weather and I feel like it makes me complain about things more. So, I am going to list what makes me happy, big or small! ( a lot of these will probably be about food hahaha) Its no surprise that I didn't even make it halfway through without getting stuck. A lot of things make me happy every day and they can be very small things that I don't even realize. Some of these things are material things so please don't judge me for being superficial. It humbles me to see this list and see all of the things that I have that so many other people have never heard of or seen. It makes me think: What can I do to make others happy? That is one reason I wanted to put this out there (in the blogging world). I hope it brightens your day and makes you think a little harder too! Can you relate to any/most/all of these?
  1. knowing that Jesus died on the cross for my sins!!
  2. snuggling with my husband
  3. Blacksburg
  4. chili and cornbread
  5. skyping(video chat) with my bffs
  6. a good hair day
  7. bubble baths
  8. Halloween candy
  9. my over-sized leopard purse
  10. having a job that I love going to
  11. being a VT Alumni!
  12. fall leaves
  13. visiting family
  14. sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa
  15. surprising people
  16. being surprised
  17. baking
  18. my beautiful buttercup Kitchenaid mixer
  19. peanut butter
  20. going to country concerts
  21. wearing my cowboy boots
  22. the beach
  23. Coca-cola
  24. having a tan
  25. teal things
  26. Target
  27. online shopping
  28. meeting new people
  29. dancing
  30. lists
  31. Sweet Tea
  32. Paula Deen
  33. pinterest
  34. looking at my wedding pictures
  35. summer dresses
  36. worship
  37. home-cooked meals
  38. blogging ;)
  39. making forts
  40. photography
  41. looking at other blogs
  42. scarves
  43. snow days
  44. cookout peanut butter fudge milkshakes
  45. Pugsy (aka my pug best friend)
  46. Biscuits and gravy
  47. hugs
  48. Hokie football
  49. maroon and orange
  50. country roads
  51. trying new recipes
  52. holding hands 
  53. massages
  54. getting manicures/pedicures
  55. birthdays
  56. good  great design
  57. mac & cheese
  58. The Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!)
  59. breakfast in bed
  60. sparkly things
  61. stars in the night sky
  62. big closets
  63. sleeping in on Saturday (or any other day)
  64. watching So You Think You Can Dance
  65. eating out
  66. Disney movies
  67. Mexican food
  68. getting cards/letters in the mail
  69. flowers
  70. having guests
  71. ice cream
  72. buying new shoes
  73. living in Virginia
  74. having a sister that looks up to me
  75. having parents/family that would do anything for me
  76. traveling
  77. a clean apartment
  78. pets greeting me at the door
  79. mason jars
  80. sweatpants
  81. J. Crew
  82. anniversaries!
  83. being a bridesmaid
  84. being from a small town
  85. holidays
  86. seeing my best friend every single day
  87. picnics
  88. sunrises
  89. sunsets
  90. romantic dinners
  91. pretty dishes
  92. learning something new
  93. cardigans
  94. hiking
  95. Christmas lights and decorations
  96. free stuff
  97. back porch sittin'
  98. cookouts/gatherings
  99. LOVE
  100. seeing other people happy!!!

I challenge you to do this and email it to me! I want to know what makes YOU happy :)

(it would make me happy to see some funny/cute costumes!!)


October 28, 2012

Friends...are family that you choose!

Lots of recent thinking has brought up this post. I have really been asking myself what it means to be a true friend and to have a true friend. It has been really hard for me to move to a new city and not have any friends here. Since then, a few have moved here and I have met a few new girls but it is much harder than meeting people in college. I don't expect to have my friends visit all of the time or be able to visit them all of the time. I just want to be able to have a girls day and go shopping or just watch chick flicks and eat ice cream :). I married my best friend and I am soooo grateful for him and his love for me.

I just wanted to share what I think it means to be a good friend and reminisce on some good memories with friends (sorry for picture overload)

1. A good friend is someone that you feel close to even when you are hundreds/thousands of miles away.

2. A good friend is someone who you can always count on.

3. A good friend is someone that can make you smile just by thinking of them.
source unknown

4. A good friend should listen, comfort, and be kind.

5. A good friend should make you feel like you are just as important as their other friends.

6. A good friend should be someone you feel that you can share anything with.

Here are some of the people that I have had the privilege of calling friends over the years:
Warning: may be some old/embarrassing pics in here!

And my true best friend FOREVER!
I want to thank each of you for your friendship and standing by my side! You each mean so much to me!

XO Samantha