August 30, 2013

Blogger Homes (and september link-up)


Its time again to feature some wonderful bloggers and their homes. This month we combined July and August since its summer and many of us aren't as active on our blogs.

I love getting to showcase your amazing talent in this little spot on the internet but even more, I love getting to connect with you and find out more about how you designed your homes. Because we feature so many of the spaces, we only show a glimpse of the design so we encourage you to click the blog links and see the rest of the projects. Remember, your spaces will also be featured over on Jade and Oak now as she is a co-host of Design in your Home.

I am gonna let you in on a little secret. If you have linked up your home/room or plan too I have another place that you can submit it. There is an awesome website called Blogger Homes that gives you your own page and blurb for each room that you submit if you are chosen! 

* We would love your feedback to make this link-up even better! What would you like to see in future months??*

If you have been featured this month or a previous month, please grab a button:


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July and August Features

Samantha's Top 3 Picks
Erin from Cali-Land Chic

Kelly from Olive Lane

Gemma from The Sweetest Digs

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Haeley from Design Improvised

Kathysue from Good Life of Design

**If you were not featured this month, we HIGHLY encourage you to link up again because it is so tough picking our favorites.**

NOW JOIN IN on the September link-up...

1) Please follow your host (Designer in Teal) and co-host (Jade and Oak) via Bloglovin or GFC.
2) Please only link up your own work. You can show off a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. You get the idea. Exteriors/patios are also welcome!
3) Have FUN!

I would love for you to share on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram!! Spread the word.

If you do not have a blog but still want to show off your work, you can email me the pictures!

Design in Your Home 6

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August 26, 2013

Keep Calm, It's Monday

I was recently inspired by Brooklyn's blog series called Making Good Monday's where she would pose a challenge to help make Monday's better. I love this idea because it can actually cause you to look forward to Mondays!

So I am going to share some ways that you can (hopefully) make your Monday a little brighter!

  1. Make a playlist or put a favorite CD on to rock out to on the way to and from work. I know singing my favorite songs at the top of my lungs makes me happier!
  2. Pack yourself something special in your lunch or bring extra change to get a snack. 
  3. Eat lunch outside or if you don't have the facilities for that, strike up an interesting conversation with your co-workers over lunch.
  4. Make lists (if you like that sort of thing). I know I feel more prepared for the rest of the week when I write out everything that needs to get done.
  5. will brighten the moods of those around you, in turn making you happier!
  6. Be active. If you normally veg out on the couch after work, try going for a walk/jog with your roommate, spouse, co-worker, friend or even alone. If you already do this every other day of the week, try taking Mondays to just relax.
  7. Wear your favorite outfit. You will look confident and pretty even if you feel exhausted.
  8. Have an easy dinner option. Most likely you won't feel like prepping, cooking, baking, and cleaning up. And if you want it to be even easier, fix a large dinner on Sunday so you will have leftovers for Monday night.
  9. If all else fails, pretend that it's Tuesday or countdown till Friday :)
Do you want a challenge for this Monday??
Follow me on Instagram and share how you made your Monday better! use tag #ditmondays

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August 23, 2013

When in doubt, paint it Gold

I have been so eager to find my next DIY project. So on my last trip to Michaels, I picked up some gold paint.  I bought Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Paint in Gold and Brushed Bronze. I didn't have anything specific in mind that I wanted to turn gold so I looked to Pinterest for some ideas.

Speaking of crafts, I am going to let out a little secret. I have been working on starting up an Etsy Shop. I am not going share my full plan yet but let's just say it involves watercolor and is going to be very customizable! Will hopefully be taking orders before the holidays!

Now onto some pretty things to start the weekend off!



Mason Jars

Pumpkins (for fall)- definitely doing this one!




And if you really love gold...

Hope you have a Happy Weekend :)

Have you painted anything gold?? What is your favorite brand of gold paint? Share your gold posts with me!

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August 21, 2013

Guess what day it is??

Haha...I couldn't resist!

I don't normally post when I don't have a specific topic but it has been a strange week so far and I need to share some things. It also just so happens to be Random Wednesday with the lovely Shanna!!

  1. I had a flat tire Monday morning. Tim's cousin Joey saved the day. He came and put my spare tire on and even came to the garage with me to get it fixed :)
  2. Tim's phone broke and he has been without one since Sunday...lets just say I DO NOT like when I can't get it touch with him.
  3. I lost my watch yesterday....and I am embarrassed to say that after looking EVERYWHERE including our trash, I found it right where it belonged.
  4. After so much hype about wanting to go the Band Perry concert, I missed's going on as I am typing this actually. Oh well, still planning to see Darius Rucker.
  5. Artie had his first trip to Virginia Tech's campus and HE LOVED IT! We took him to Burruss and the Duck Pond. He chased the ducks right into the water :)

We got him a hokie bandana!

He is on a leash, you just can't see it!

Some other things not related to this week...
  1. Everything is happening on October 19th! Seriously.... we have been invited to 2 weddings on that day, its my Grannys birthday, its when the So You Think You Can Dance tour is coming to VA Beach and it's when Highpoint Market starts!!
  2. I have been in a baking/cooking mood lately. I made chocolate chip banana bread, homemade chips (in the microwave) and Gabby and I fixed Mexican Black Bean Soup and 7up biscuits. I think its because fall is coming. I also want to make some homemade ice cream before it cools down. Got any good recipes??
  3. I hit 300 followers on Bloglovin :) YAY! I LOVE YOU GUYS! You are the best!!
  4. School is starting soon...and I want to go back! If you are in college, soak it all in because you will miss it!!

That's all for now! Happy Hump Day :)

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August 20, 2013

Gabby's Table Makeover

Today's post is going to make your life A LOT easier....if you are a DIYer! Remember when I revamped our hutch and painted it yellow? We spent countless hours sanding, priming, painting, and repeat... I just discovered a product I SERIOUSLY wish I had known about then. Maybe I am late to the party and you can tell me if I am, but if you don't know about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, then you're welcome!

We went to Christiansburg/Blacksburg this weekend to visit Ty and Gabby. One of our highlights was going to a place called Black Dog Salvage. They just so happen to sell this paint and Gabby bought some to paint a small table she has.

And of course I had to document it so I could give you a before and after! Gabby's table is a combination of Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue, Pure White and Dark Wax. She wanted a more vintage look so after applying the dark wax (with a soft cloth), she used a fine sand paper to allow some of the black to show through.

After 1st coat: (the cloudy sky made the color look more grey than it was)

After 2nd coat: (still wet, thats why the coat doesn't look smooth)

Doesn't it look amazing?? Who knew furniture makeovers could be so easy? I love that this piece is now unique to her and looks great the way she styled it!

(If you don't want a distressed look, they also offer a clear wax.)

So what separates this paint from the rest?? There is NO prep work! You don't have to sand or strip paint/finish off the furniture. Just get a good quality brush and a drop cloth. You can paint it on wood, metal, concrete, plastic and much more. And to make it EVEN better, it dries really fast so you can be done in a few hours unless you are overly ambitious painting something really big!

**Check out the website for even more reasons to use this paint!

More Resources:
-Extending the Range of the Color Palette
-Crackle Effect
-How to order
-Annie Sloan's blog

Now I have to find something else to paint! These are the colors they offer but you can customize it by mixing (like Gabby did). My favorites are French Linen, Versailles, Provence, Florence, and Paris Grey. Which ones do you like??

**These opinions are my own. I was not asked to review this product nor did I receive compensation for it.**

Here are some other great finds from Black Dog Salvage:

I dream of a porch swing like this...

Love being near much Hokie spirit

Teal brick :) love the faux mantle and crab painting

Teal chair- need 4 of these for my dining room!

Where there's teal, I will find it!

Love this grey and yellow set up

The crates I almost bought for my shoe storage idea...

A similar factory cart table but for $895!! WOAH 

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