February 20, 2014

Warm and Fuzzy

Hey!! Remember me?? It's been a while.....too long really. Unfortunately for today I am gonna have to leave you hanging but keep checking back for some big news!!

You know that we have been house hunting and one of the big things on my wishlist is a fireplace. I just LOVE the idea of snuggling up to a toasty fire with a big (anthro) mug of hot cocoa. And although I am SUPER excited about Spring (especially after the beautiful weather today) I know that we will probably be seeing more snow before Winter is over.

Now saying that I want a fireplace is very vague because there are SO many options when it comes to the design of a fireplace. I'm really not concerned about that because I know its something I can modify in the future. I do want something with a mantle (hearth optional) for decorating purposes.

I personally prefer a white brick or white stone (like marble) facade but I thought it'd be fun to show you some unique or just plain stunning fireplaces.

Don't you just love some of the ways the firewood is stored?
Which style is your favorite??

Do you have a fireplace (or 2 or 3) in your house? I would love to see pics. What do you enjoy most about it?
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  1. I'm a big fan of white brick fireplaces too....they have a cozy bungalow feeling that comes with them.

    I am wondering if this post means a new house to decorate is on the horizon for you?!?!?! ;-) Looking forward to the big news!!!!

  2. Our fireplace is super boring. No mantle (which I hate)! but at least we have one I guess...

  3. I love our mantel and wood stove! It's so fun to decorate my mantel for each season! :)

  4. Ohhh I wanna curl up in one of those nice, cozy spaces! Especially one by a big fire :)

  5. We have one in our living room - I love it! :)


  6. Those are gorgeous! I'll come over and cuddle up and drink hot cocoa with you once you have a fireplace. ;-)

  7. Number 1 is my fave. Glad to be a new follower!! Hope you enjoy some cozy nights one day around a fireplace very soon :) :)

  8. I miss having a fireplace! I live in a tiny apartment in Houston TX, not really much need for one here I suppose. Btw, I'm your newest follower :) Come join me at chandelier27.blogspot.com :)
    Have a good week!

  9. I understand your desire to get a house with a fireplace, Samantha. I actually love your inspirations here. Hehe! Anyway, how’s your house hunting? I suggest you consider getting a spacious house that can accommodate renovations. By then, you can design and build your own fireplace. I hope you can find and own your dream house as soon as possible. Keep us updated! :)

    Kevin Fritz

  10. a fireplace is for sure a MUST! when we had the floor plans to our house done, we looked at them for a week before we realized "whoa!!! we don't have a fireplace"- haha. needless to say, we called our builder and made immediate arrangements. lol


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