March 12, 2014

The Voice

I have a fun little story to share today but before I get to that....

Our closing is TODAY! We will officially be homeowners :D Will be doing a separate post on that later (perhaps High Five for Friday??)

We found out a while back that our wedding singer Caleb Elder was going to be on The Voice. He just told everyone to watch so we didn't know what his fate would be. If you watch the show then you already know what is coming but if not let me give you a little back story. When we were planning our wedding I pretty much handed the "music" category over to Tim so he was in charge of figuring out the ceremony and reception. We knew we wanted 2 special music songs to be sang during the ceremony. Tim told me about Caleb who went to his church. I had never heard him sing but I trusted the hubby and so I said sure as long as he could do the songs we wanted. Well the day of our wedding the girls and I were getting ready upstairs at Tim's parents' home. Caleb was rehearsing on the front porch and let me tell you it gave me chills and I am very angry that I didn't have a videographer to capture that part of our ceremony. Moving along....
(photo by Lani Patrick)

We watched and we watched the Voice on NBC for 3 weeks on Monday and Tuesday for a total of 9 hours. And guess what he was THE LAST person to audition on the show!! Crazy! That also means there was only one spot left and that was on #TeamAdam. We are so excited that Adam chose him and now we will be cheering him on this season.

And if you are interested here are some videos. The first is his audition clip and the second is his 1st music video.


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  1. That's so awesome! I saw him on The Voice last night and thought he was great! I loved when Adam turned around and he almost stopped singing! haha!!

  2. That's so cool!! He was really good at your wedding, now I'll have to watch the show!!

  3. Oh wow that's amazing!!! Good luck to Caleb!

  4. whoa whoa whoa! okay so is that the LAST episode so far? My husband and I watched every single episode except the one last night....he is GOOD! that's so cool you'll know someone. Adam is my favorite so I'm glad he chose him! yay! I have someone to REALLY cheer for now!!

  5. how cool is that?! Awesome!
    ps: can I help with any home diy when I'm there?!

  6. Yay!!! How fun that you know him!!!

  7. How awesome that he sang at your wedding! We love the Voice! And Team Adam is always my favorite anyway, but I'll definitely be rooting for Caleb! :)


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