August 29, 2014

Friday Letters

Dear bed, I was so thankful I got to spend some extra time with you this morning. I think Artie would agree with me!

Dear Blacksburg, we meet again!! FINALLY. I can't wait to eat some great food, spend time with my sister and cheer on the Hokies in Lane Stadium!!

Dear Ty and Gabby, why couldn't you have stayed in Christiansburg so we can visit you more often??

Dear weather, thank you for proving to everyone that we have a little bit of summer left. I really appreciate it. And please cooperate this rain!!

Dear twitter, I am so glad we have a better relationship now. I finally understand you and your purpose. If you don't have an account, come join and I will teach you my ways!!

Dear Jessica, thank you for giving us this gorgeous free "hello fall" printable from your shop!! I can't wait to display it. (use code HELLOFALLFREEBIE until Saturday)

Dear blog, I'm sorry that because of my neglect I forgot to wish you a Happy 2nd Birthday on July 29th! I did so much better last year. Dear bloggers, I am planning a little giveaway to celebrate this. Let me know if you want in!!

Dear wardrobe, you are about to get a revamp between all of the new jewelry I'm getting and the clothing swap that I'm going to in a few weeks. YAY! It's like Christmas is coming early. I got 12 items for free from hosting a Premier Designs party with Ashley. Even if you aren't close by, you can still do a facebook show (which is a ton of fun). (tell her I sent you!!)

Dear car, thank you for passing the always-dreadful inspection with flying colors. I will reward you with a nice car wash soon..I promise. P.S. I still need to name you. My last car was Shirley and my friend Denise's is Laverne!! (suggestions welcome)

Dear computer, you are really making me miss my Mac. I mean why do you always have to "update" when I am in the middle of something?!

Dear hubby, thank you for making me dinner on your day off :) And when I saying making me dinner I mean taking me to Qdoba!! Haha love you! (and can we get a Salsarita's please?)

Dear Richmond, thank you for having so many fun summer festivals. And there a lot more coming up and lots of new great restaurants and shops too!! (including Duck Donuts, Perly's (reopening),and Graffiato-top chef restaurant)

Dear post, I think you need some pictures. (phone dump time) Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone!!

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  1. Love this!! So many fun things :) Enjoy Blacksburg this weekend!

  2. Wish I was in Blacksburg! Have fun!! P.s. just got that fall freebie, so cute!!

  3. fabulous lady I miss you! also I love reading friday letters :)

  4. I totally missed my two year blogaversary too:( I absolutely love Friday Letter, someone needs to bring that link up back to life:)

  5. Enjoy this weekend! I'm excited to have long weekend!

  6. Thanks girl!! We did...hoping to recap that soon :)

  7. Me fair!! Lets just start our "business" there. You know the bakery/ design business, etc...YAY for freebies :)

  8. I MISS YOU TOO!!!!! This was my first friday letters but I have a feeling there will be more. Its a nice way to get out everything I want to say

  9. Agreed....Friday letters was a great link-up!! And its okay we can celebrate our blogiversaries late!!

  10. Thanks girl! We had a wonderful long weekend. Hoping to recap our Blacksburg trip soon :)


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