January 15, 2015

A new favorite (Jenn's mood boards)

It feels like I did these designs sooo long ago but I really love how they turned out so I wanted to share. I have loved working with Jenn on the design of her new home. It is so awesome to have the opportunity to design each space so they are cohesive. However, each one is still unique and fits the function of that room. (be sure to check out her family room and master bedroom designs)

Typically when you hire a designer, you are in one of two situations: you have no time to do it yourself and want someone to take over or you don't have the "eye" for it and can't pull it together. Jenn just simply is busy and wanted me to pick up where she left off. I have to give her quite a bit of credit for this dining room. When she sent me before pictures, I had to stop and think "what does this space even need?" She already had a gorgeous table, classic chairs and a rich rug. I wanted to add in a bit more color and texture. The colors tie in to the family room but have a little more formality in the luxurious materials.I didn't want it to be too stuffy and formal because Jenn does have a young family and I'm sure she would appreciate something low maintenance.

Now for my favorite design to date- Jenn's Living Room. She gave me some good bones to work with like the wicker wingback chair. And BM revere pewter walls! You can't go wrong with those. I wanted to use the same color palette as the rest of the 1st floor but it specifically needed to tie in to the dining room because it was adjacent.

You may recognize some of these because the rug is in my home (but in the grey color) and the coffee table is the same collection as my new console table!! But I think what gives this space the wow factor are those floral prints!!

So how do you design for someone you've never met? I want Jenn to love each space that I design but more than that, I want it to work for her and her family. I can just imagine them having game night in this room. A lot of times formal living rooms are just dust collectors but I wanted to give her an affordable, comfortable room (and home) so that they feel like they can use it and not worry about breaking something.

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  1. Trust me..as soon as I have some I will share!!!

  2. Lovely boards, can't wait to see what you will do with the living area. The colors and pieces you have picked are lovely.

  3. I've been wanting to add padded end chairs to our dining room table like the one you have up there! In fact, I think I might have pinned that exact one, if it's from World Market, haha :)


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