July 29, 2012

FINALLY starting a blog

I guess I am jumping on the blog bandwagon. I am starting a blog to share all of the things that I am passionate about. I hope that you will follow along for the journey. So how did I choose the name for my blog? Well, I am an interior designer and I absolutely love this profession and teal is my favorite color. If you know me, you know that my wardrobe and apartment are full of this color. I wanted to wait for a big moment in my life to start this blog and well it just didn't happen during my wedding. If you are planning or have planned a wedding, you know how overwhelming it can be. However, I just received an offer for a full time job at Courtney Ludeman Interiors!!! Check her out here: http://courtneyludeman.com/ I have to tell you it was the most exciting phone call I have ever had. Obviously, I will keep you posted on how this job goes. I can't wait to share all of my thoughts and ideas on my favorite things and people. This has been the most exciting, fully-packed year OF MY LIFE! I just turned 22 on June 26th and within that year I got a new car, graduated college, got an internship, got MARRIED to my best friend, went on our honeymoon, went out of the country, moved twice and lots of little things in between! So you can imagine that I have a lot to talk about. I am so blessed to have so many great people in my life and have one great opportunity that is about to start. Stick around because there will be a lot more posts coming soon including: how to plan a small budget wedding, cheap and easy weeknight dinners, design I am inspired by and some special shout-outs to people that I love. I will leave you with the best times of my life in photos!!

XO Samantha Horseman

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  1. So proud of you for everything you have accomplished this year!


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