September 30, 2014

Emerald Isle, NC

Yes I took another week off from blogging. No I am not sorry because we went on vacation Saturday-Tuesday and I was in vacation mode the rest of the week. But I still want to share a quick recap since I have so many pretty pics :)

And it will also help stall until I have my fall decor post ready!!

This was our first vacation (besides our staycation) since our honeymoon. I so wish we could have stayed another week...I feel like the beach was natural medicine. It renewed my energy and just took away all of the stress.

Tim's parents rented a townhouse in this cute place for the week!! Of course we didn't get any pics of all of us...gah!

The first day we went to Historic Swansboro for some shopping and lunch and headed back to the beach for the late afternoon. We ate at Yana's (which is always a favorite of mine) It's a 50's style diner and has the best milkshakes!!
Isn't it darling?

I have an old pic of me w/ this Elvis but I can't find it....

The weather was perfect but it did get darker earlier. And it did rain the last day but I still enjoyed every minute.

What? You thought we didn't bring Artie?? Haha he even claimed a beach chair!

It took him a while to warm up to the ocean. But he sure did have fun digging in the sand!

 Somebody didn't want to cooperate...

We went to Michaelangelo's for dinner. They have the best pizza! Unfortunately the shops were closed so we had to go back the next day.

Tim convinced me to get up early the next morning to take Artie on a beach walk. It was worth it.

We went back and changed for an earlier day on the beach/ at the pool. Later in the afternoon we did some antique shopping. I got lots of goodies (some of which you will see in the fall decor post). We went to Riverside Steak and Seafood for dinner. We remembered it from last time because of their insanely good Sweet Potato muffins. (Can you tell I love food?) Tim and I split 3 appetizers including the blackened scallop nachos!!!

 The last day it rained so we drove to Historic Beaufort (my favorite) Artie was glad to head home but we sure weren't.
Adorable Shop!!!!
Wanted to bring this home for Fall but it was $100 I am too much of a bargain shopper for that...

Do you ever take family vacations later in the season? Have you ever been to Emerald Isle, Swansboro or Beaufort??

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  1. oh my goodness, your trip looks lovely, tasty and adorable!

  2. What a fun getaway! Makes me want to go on another vacation! :-)

  3. You guys are so cute! I love your pictures & I'm glad you had a good time!

  4. I love Emerald Isle! I actually have a beach home there. It is nothing special, but it is at the beach! It is a perfect getaway! My family loves Yana's and Swansboro! We love the cute little shops! I am glad you all had a good time! We have never been to Riverside so now I will have to check it out! Where did you see the sweater? It is so pretty, but I would agree pricey! Michaelangelo's is also amazing! They have yummy pizza and their garlic knots are the best!

  5. Gotta love NC on the crystal coast late in the season! It is such a great time to go, warm water and fewer clouds. I really enjoy it. My family roots go WAY back in Swansboro, and love the whole region.

  6. I love the beach no matter the weather. There is something magical about the water and the changing shades of blue. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a great time. I am happy to see you took Artie along for the ride.


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