October 2, 2014

Halloween Fever {Gabby Post}

Well, I can officially say it's fall! My favorite time of year. I don't know about you guys, but fall makes me feel all warm and happy. Who doesn't like falling leaves, pumpkin everything (I know, some people get tired of it quickly...) and cooler temps that mean I get to wear my favorite scarves and boots? Not to mention apple and pumpkin picking...hayrides...SIGH. <--that's my happy sigh. :)

We just happened to be coming up on my favorite month, too. OCTOBER. I started thinking about October, and my creative juices started flowing! I wanted to get some Fall/Halloween pillows, but they are all really expensive. SO, a trip to Joann fabrics solved that. I found a bunch of fabric I loved and an oh so easy envelope pillow case tutorial so I could make my own!

My pretty fabric

I decided to make some small pillows with the orange and black polka dot fabric. Here were a few of my inspirations:

I also decided to add some details to my pillow and wanted the "BOO" sewn on to the front.

So here I go...

I followed the instructions in the tutorial and cut out a front that was 12.5"x 12.5" (the pillow is a 12"x12"). Then I cut the two back pieces  at 8.25" each (added 4" to the 12.5" and divided in half).

All my pieces cut out

Then I had to cut out my "BOO". I used some stencils and a chalk marker and traced onto the fabric and cut it out. Then I pinned and hand sewed the letters to the front of the pillow top with some black thread. At first I tried this with the machine, but I really didn't like how it looked. I opted for hand sewing and I'm so glad I did!

Didn't have to be perfect. I was glad the white fabric started fraying at the ends, gave it a cool look!

 Then I sewed the backs on the the front, shoved my pillow in and I was done!

After I made the first one, I decided to make more and send them to my sisters and sisters in law! I ended up making myself a couple pillows though. Had to keep some for myself. :)

My pillows

I have grand plans for these pillows, so check back at the end of the month!

So, with my "BOO" pillows in the mail with a couple other cute little Halloween things, I'm ready to move on to the main Halloween project: the mantel. Why is this a project? I don't even have a mantel over the fireplace! But, by the end of October, my living room will be a mixture of these two designs:


Do you guys have Halloween fever yet? Or are you waiting it out? I will say mine hit early this year. At least I'm not buying Christmas decorations yet! ;)



  1. I love all of these pillows. I'm not a huge halloween person but they make great fall pillows too.

  2. EEEkkk!!! These pillows are so cute!!!

  3. Thanks! They were so easy and so cheap to make. Joann's was having a huge sale on Halloween material and pillow forms so it was even better! It was such a fun project to get our house into the Halloween spirit!

  4. you could definitely make these pillows with fall colors. Since Joann's was having a huge sale I also bought some material for fall / Thanksgiving. I'm excited to make those for the holiday season!

  5. I LOVE the orange and white fabrics with the gold dots!

  6. Love your cushion design and cannot wait to see your mantle when it is done. Not sure I am organised enough for cushions, maybe next year?


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