November 19, 2015

Fall Home 2015

Autumn is my favorite season to decorate the house. (ok maybe its a pretty close tie with Christmas) It's fun to change it up every year but its also challenging when you are working with the same decor every time.

Last year, I really went with bold colors and a less traditional fall theme. This year I was really wanted a more "rustic vintage harvest" look.
This is my DIY fall sign. My great aunt and my mom gave me the supplies, Tim assembled the 2 boards and I stained and painted it. The stain is a homemade concoction and then I used an acrylic sealer. I just used leftover paint from our bath vanity for the grey and used craft paint for the leaves.

Hmm...what doesn't belong? I think he was more worried about trying to eat the pumpkins than being in my picture.

I <3 and="" galvanized="" light="" p="" they="" things="" up="">

Reusing baby shower decor!

Hello Fall print is a freebie from Ruffled Paper

My yard sale find :D It was 50cents!

The vase filler is from Christmas Tree Shops. The pumpkins are from World Market. Oh and I finally painted the crate!!

One last off to pull out my Christmas decor from the attic.

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  1. I love the decor! Makes me want a mantle in our family room.


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