February 26, 2013

Mood Board: Spring Essentials

So....I have a special mood board guest post coming up soon. I will be posting for Sara at You and Me are We. We talked, she is sending me some inspiration photos and I am working on a board for her living space! I can't wait to share that with you but its not ready yet so for this Tuesday I bring you a Spring Inspired Mood Board.

Typically my "boards" incorporate products from many different stores (some very expensive); however I wanted to keep things real. If you are like I am, you probably can't afford a lot of that stuff. So I wanted to stick with the stylish and affordable TARGET!

You all know I love blues/teals, but I wanted to share some warmer colors if that is your thing. I do love the coral too! The majority of these pieces are from the Modern Cottage and Boho Boutique collections. I adore both, don't you?

This isn't for any particular room like most of my boards are. It's just a compilation of things I am loving for a Spring inspired home! What are you doing to get your home ready for Spring??

  • Use colorful vases and pillows to brighten up the space without spending a ton!

  • Add one of these bedding sets to a guest room and make their stay a little brighter!

  • Switch out your shower curtain for a refreshing new feel or use it as inspiration for a whole new look.

  • Use pretty storage bins and maybe it will make you want to organize more??
  • Hang up a cute clock to keep you from being late to those meetings!

  • Get some cheery dishes to use for dinner parties or cook outs!

Once again I am linking up with Beth @ Design your Dwelling!!


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  1. I'm loving this! Teal is one of my favorite colors now that I've used it in our wedding and I've decided to incorporate it in to our home more! We bought a new rug, curtains, and throw pillows our living room to lighten it up for Spring!

  2. Oh. I love the combination of teal and coral...and those patterns are divine! I love your mood board, getting me excited for lovely Spring!

    Hopping over from Just Because Link Up!



  3. I absolutely LOVE everything about Target's Spring collection! It's gorgeous!

  4. Very cute! I can't wait for warm weather

  5. Dang it. Now I have to go shopping at target! Thanks love, xo!

  6. that's it! YOU ARE HIRED> Design my living room hahah!

  7. I am terrible at interior design so I always admire those who have a natural knack for it! Love your mood board!

    Thanks for linking up!


  8. Awesome! I love the Target finds!! Thanks for linking up!

  9. I am obsessed with all of those items! I am starting to save your mood board posts so that I can decorate our future home! Such wonderful inspirations! Thanks for sharing them!

  10. When I was getting my blog redesigned I was really thinking about teal and coral. SUCH a gorgeous combo if you ask me! :)

  11. Ooooh I love blue and coral together. So pretty! Thanks for linking up!


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