February 22, 2013

The Newlywed Game

Because I promised Veronica.....

and because I would love you to learn more about me, my hubby and our newlywed life! Here we go:

(isn't this picture hilarious?)
Samantha's answers in blue
Tim's answers in green

1.  Who does the laundry in your home, you or your spouse? Any good stories?
Both of us. Not really, I guess just that when he does the laundry I always have to remind him not to dry my bras haha!
We both do the laundry and we each fold our own things since she doesn't like the way I fold.

2.  If your spouse had to eat at one restaurant for the rest of their lives, what would he or she pick?
Oooh thats a hard one...he really loves Boudreaux's which is a cajun restaurant in Blacksburg!
She would pick a Mexican restaurant.

3.  Are you or your spouse better at cooking? Any good stories?
Definitely ME! Tim can cook but I think he pretends to be clueless so I won't make him ;)
My wife is a better cook and she usually does all of the cooking.

4.  Which one of you is more concerned about their "fashion"?
Me again...although I do think my hubby has pretty good style. He usually listens to my advice!
She is more concerned about fashion. It seems like she gets new clothes every week.

5.  Ideally, if you don't have them already, when does you spouse want to have children?
Ideally I think he would say in about 5 years.
5-7 years.

6.  Who planned dates when you were dating? And what was one of your favorites?
This was a pretty equal duty. I always tried to make him plan but I came up with some good ideas myself! I think one of my favorite dates with Tim was when we went to Sinkland Farms pumpkin patch! We went on a slow day and it felt like we owned the place it was so empty. We walked around, got our pumpkins and I took pictures. Then we headed back to the little gift shop and got pumpkin chocolate ice cream! It was a pretty simple, inexpensive date but a great time to talk and take in the beautiful sunset!
She made me plan them. There are a lot of good ones. When we went to Indianapolis. We went out to eat at Hard Rock and went to the Pacers game.

7.  What's been the toughest part of being a newlywed?
I would say the hardest thing is putting his needs first all of the time. I am still learning to be more selfless.
You're not just taking care of yourself anymore.

8.  Who is the best with the finances?
Tim for sure...he knows all of the bills we have to pay, when to pay them and how much money we are saving!
Me. Duh...

9.  Who is the strict one?
Tim is...but its definitely a good thing. He tells me no when I need to hear it (like when I am at Target and want to buy everything in the store!)
Probably me.

10.  What will you plan to do for your first anniversary? Or if you've already celebrated your first anniversary, what did you do?
Well we probably won't be able to go on vacation since we have so many weddings this summer but hopefully we can go to a fancy restaurant in Richmond and maybe take a day/weekend trip!
When we go to Denise's wedding, we're gonna stay at an Inn for a long weekend. (I was going to say that but I didn't think it was official yet)

Did you make it all the way through?? Congrats!

And just because I like when other bloggers do this, I bring to you:

Highs and Lows of the week!

  • Tim got a job offer!!
  • Got to chat with Veronica and Sara!
  • Planning my trip to visit Denise
  • The icky cold weather (tired of it...want SPRING)
  • having to leave our parents...we visited them last weekend
  • chores piling up and me being to lazy to do them

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ya'll are CUTE. I'm gonna try to get my husband to do this :)

  2. Logan and I got a kick out of reading this together and guessing what the other would say and comparing. I love reading these posts. Hands down, I won cooking, finances, and being the strict one.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this with us! So glad you did, because now I have a new blog to follow along with! =)
    You both are so cute! I loved reading your answers! What a cute date you both had at the pumpkin patch. Love the pictures. I love low key dates like that. They are the ones with the best memories! =)

  4. JOB OFFER!!!!! Yay! I'm happy for you two :)

  5. I'm picky on folding too...thankfully my hubby has learned my version but I don't trust him with handwashables, or delicates like bras so I do those all by hand...which takes a while.
    Mexican is a great pick!
    That date looks fun and like you had great weather.

    Simple is good for the first anniversary for sure. (ps: Kevin and I are hoping to go on a cruise next summer for our anniversary...and we're hoping to make it a friend thing...so I just thought, if yall aren't flooded with eweddings next year maybe yall could try and plan to go too! Big friend vacation!)

  6. I love this. New follower via GFC. I think I'm going to do this with my Hubby, although we are hardly newly weds anymore. :)

    Diana @ NannyToMommy

  7. Such a cute idea! I saw the name of your blog on GFC and I had to stop by. I'm obsessed with teal! It's my fav too! I'm def going to be following from now on. Thanks!

  8. http://www.thericefamilyblog.com/2013/02/you-like-me-you-really-like-me.html#more Hey sweets! I nominated you for a Liebster award! check it out :)

  9. Haha! This is adorable! Congrats on the job offer for your hubs! :)


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