November 15, 2013

My design inspiration pt.1

Before we get started...I wanted to remind you to link-up to Design in Your Home! It's halfway through November so there is still plenty of time to join in!

Its time that we talked about who inspires Me in the design world. I am always showing you mood boards and telling you my profession is interior design, but what keeps my creative juices flowing (besides Pinterest and Houzz)?

I want to break this up into a little mini series instead of giving you all of them at once. This will also give me lots of time to think about where my inspiration really comes from.

First up....any guesses?

Nate Berkus
He is probably on a lot of people's lists but thats okay with me.

He is pretty well known because of his line at Target but his design goes way beyond that.

He has a design firm- Nate Berkus Associates based in Chicago, IL. Can you say dream job?!

EEK!! Super jealous of those ladies!! Find more pics of their office here

His second book The Things that Matter also just came out. That will be on my Christmas list for sure!!
Here is what he says about it
The first sentence is my favorite, "I believe your home should tell the story of who you are." This basically sums up why I love designing! It can also correlate to commercial spaces. A workplace should reflect it's branding and the company's goals.

What I like about Berkus design:

  • works for both genders
  • very good balance of textures/color
  • its timeless
  • thinks about all of the details

You wouldn't expect Nate Berkus to be my design inspiration because I LOVE color so much but there is just something about it that works and I would be 100% happy if he designed my house. Well...that will never happen but I can just go buy all of his stuff at Target and try to do it myself!!

Who inspires you?? Are you excited for the rest of this series?
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  1. I think you should also add "He's gorgeous" to that list ;) haha. Seriously I bet working in his office is AMAZING! So much inspiration everywhere!

  2. Love Nate! His use of textures and layers is what first attracted me to his style! It is always great to be reminded of designers that inspire and he most definitely inspires me. Very excited for the rest of the series and anxious to see who else makes the list!

  3. Just bought some Nate Berkus curtains! :)


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