November 7, 2013

Need some Christmas Gift Ideas??

I was so excited to announce about a month and a half ago that I decided to open an Etsy shop. I have enjoyed creating some new ones lately and I wanted to share them with you. I love that each one has it's own unique style! 

If you are looking for an affordable, thoughtful gift for a special someone for Christmas I would love to work with you. You can see below that they make great gifts.

This was our wedding gift to Emily and Tyler. Check out their wedding recap {here} This example also shows what the watercolors look like framed (even though its hard to photograph it with the glare)

This one was ordered as a birthday gift. She wanted it to look rustic so I made it to look like a wood texture.

This one was purchased as a wedding gift. I used a silhouette of their engagement photo and used their peacock themed wedding for color inspiration.

See what people are saying:

I can't wait to share more with you!

Or on an even smaller budget, you can purchase a "digital" print that you can print and frame yourself for $5.

I have added a few more since I last posted. The State prints are very popular. Let me know if you would like me to add your state to the shop!

Also, there are 2 Fall prints to choose from and there will be Holiday ones coming soon!

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  1. Your creations are so lovely! And unique - I don't think I've ever seen ones like these before. The Virginia one is obviously my fave : )

  2. Love the things in your shop! Such cute prints!

  3. Your prints are so cute! You really are so creative! :-)


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