December 20, 2013

Newlywed Game {Holiday Edition}

YAYAY! I am so excited that Karla and Veronica brought this back.
Tim's responses in Blue
Samantha's responses in Purple

1.  Which Christmas would your spouse say was the best that you had together as a couple?
Him: Last year. Our first married Christmas.
Her: Last year :) Although I have enjoyed all 8 of our Christmases together so far!
Us with our tree and stripe shirts (didn't plan that one)

Visiting the Jefferson Hotel (gingerbread train)

 Visiting Busch Gardens Christmastown
 Our 1st Tacky Lights tour

2.  What would your spouse say is the weirdest, or most unique tradition that your family does at Christmas?
Him: We don't have any weird traditions
Her: I don't like this question. Only thing I can think of is we open gifts one at a time which he doesn't like (doesn't want everyone watching him)

3.  It's Christmas Day... you are looking all around and you can't find your spouse.  Finally, you find them hiding in a closet, devouring which holiday treat??
Him: Chocolate. (Yup, especially fudge)
Her: Um, probably sausage balls (you know...the ones with the bisquick, cheese and sausage)

4.  It's your spouse's turn to pick out a Christmas movie.  Naturally, they pick their favorite one.  Which is it??
Him: Elf
Her: A Christmas Story

5.  If your spouse had it their way... when would they put up Christmas decorations?  Right after the turkey?  Last minute?  Not at all?
Him: Right after Thanksgiving
Her: Right after Thanksgiving

6.  What does your spouse think is the best Christmas gift you ever gave them?
Him: Fossil Watch (he got this for me last year I LOVE IT)
Her: TV? There have been a lot of gifts exchanged over 8 years....I don't remember them all.

7.  Fa la la la laaaa, what is your spouse's go-to Christmas song?
Him: Feliz Navidad (haha no, I don't have a favorite but this wouldn't be it)
Her: I would guess Carol of the Bells? There are way too many options.

8.  On Christmas morning, what does your spouse wish is under the tree?
Him: A blanket so she can go back to sleep. (He's just saying that because I don't like getting up early. I really wish an iMac is under the tree ;)
Her: He probably wishes a new car could fit under the tree but I think he'll love what I got him

9.  What is one thing that your spouse absolutely has to do every year during the holidays?
Him: Drink Eggnog <-- font="" yes="">
Her: probably watching A Christmas Story and/or drinking Hot Cocoa

10.  What was the coolest gift your spouse got at Christmas as a child?  (Hopefully they told you this at some point in your relationship... otherwise... this one will have to be a lucky guess!!)
Him: Barbies or something Funny but no (I know I've told him all of the cool gifts I got like a drum set or when I was younger my sister and I got princess tents :) We loved those)
Her: Dirt Bike

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  1. dang yall have some incredible area of lights! I LOVE them!

    oh fudge! yum!

    haha love all the comments. You guys are cute :)

  2. Very cute answers!! I love Christmas lights as well :)
    When you post your Christmas tree you should add it to this linky:

  3. This is super cute! I love reading y'alls answers!

  4. What a cute post :) loved reading your answers! Merry Christmas!

  5. Yes... FUDGE!! And WOW.. look at those lights! I wish we had some neighborhoods that had a light display like that!

  6. This is so cute! I am totally going to copy this survey on my blog if that's ok? Such a fun idea!


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