September 15, 2015

I'm gonna be an Aunt


Left: Jake and Gina are having a BOY in January!!
Right: Ty and Gabby are having a GIRL in October!!

And you better believe I will be spoiling both :D

Back in March when we went to Charleston for Jake and Gina's wedding weekend.  Ty and Gabby stayed with us the night before to split up their drive. Little did we know that they had some very exciting news. They walked in the house bearing gifts which was nothing unusual for Gabby. I was very curious but it was a little over an hour before they got settled and we figured out dinner. Finally, Gabby asked if we wanted to open our gifts? They handed Tim and myself gift bags and inside were the most thoughtful presents. Tim's was a maroon and orange koozie that said "Uncle Tim" and mine was a teal and gold tumbler that said "Aunt Samantha" We were both so surprised and excited!!! We spent the rest of the evening asking questions about what the future would hold.

The next few months were spent planning the perfect shabby chic shower for Gabby, buying baby girl clothes and wrapping my head around becoming an aunt!!

All of the family arrived for the shower on Friday, July 17th and we gathered in my living room to catch up. Gina then announced to us that she was also expecting! WHAT? TWO BABIES!! Oh my heart was so full!

Jake and Gina's wedding was the first time I had ever even met Gina but I could immediately tell that she had a kind heart just like Gabby. How lucky am I to have an amazing sister AND two amazing sisters-in-law??  Gina was so willing to help with Gabby's shower and she was so humble making sure that all of the attention was on Gabby. Her shower is in November and I cannot wait to attend and shower her baby boy with love! These two are going to be amazing moms!!

Here's hoping they will let me share their nursery details :)

(the three of us at Gabby's shower)
(the three of us at Gina's wedding shower)

Oh and here's a preview of Gabby's shower!!!

Any advice for the new moms? Or the new Aunt?? HAHA!

p.s. Did you see that John and Sherry from Young House Love broke the internet blogged

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