September 21, 2015

"On the plains of Oklahoma"

I've been singing that over and over in my head lately!! I hope you know the country song that these lyrics come from... If not, here you go! Why has this been stuck in my head? Because soon enough I'll be seeing the plains of Oklahoma! And more importantly, I'll be seeing Veronica!!

A very special trip has been in the works since last June. I hoped and prayed that I would be able to visit Veronica after she and Kevin came to visit me and Tim last summer. We instantly connected and it had me really wishing we lived closer to one another.

(pic from our staycation last summer)

Veronica has already made a post of things to do in Oklahoma (which you should totally check out) We've also been emailing ideas back and forth. I am so glad that we will have a good mix of sightseeing and down time. We are leaving some spare hours for crafting but also taking a day trip to Tulsa! It's going to be AWESOME!
I cannot wait to see her sweet home and meet Paisley (her pup) and see where she went to school. I cannot wait to have that moment at the airport except this time it will be friends reuniting instead of two strangers who met through blogging. I cannot wait to have girl time and talk about Tone it Up and design and future trips together!! I cannot wait to take hundreds and hundreds of pictures together and wear our matching monogrammed shirts.

I've never been to Oklahoma or further west than Indiana so this will be an adventure for sure! Find me over on instagram and snapchat to see glimpses of our reunion!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be planning my outfits and packing my bags wayyy too far in advance (and deciding on a hashtag to document our trip) October can't get here soon enough!!

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