September 10, 2015

My fitness story

I said I wanted to write more about my life (outside of design). I just hope its worth reading!!

Where to start....I have struggled with my body image ever since I can remember. I was never overweight based on the BMI chart but because I am so short petite it showed whenever I gained even a pound or two. I used to play tennis in high school which kept me active and I attempted to work out in college when I bought the gym "classes" pass but that tapered off after I moved off campus. At the time I thought I was "fat" and now I look back at those pictures and wish I looked like that again. I guess its all about perspective.

I know I gained the "freshman 15" and never really tried very hard to take it back off. It seemed as though I gained weight every year through college. VT actually has a very active, fit campus but I was so tempted by all of the amazing food and with all of the late nights I wasn't really doing my body good. It was a downhill spiral until finally I looked in the mirror and decided I DID NOT like what I was seeing. All of a sudden I was very uncomfortable in my clothes and especially a swim suit. I'm sure there were times when the number on the scale dropped but as a whole I had to buy larger clothes every few seasons.

After graduating, getting married, moving to Richmond and getting settled in, my friend Laura invited myself and some of my church friends to take a Zumba class that was super cheap on Groupon. I was so excited because it was my favorite class at VT and everywhere I has looked at in Richmond was so expensive. So what did I have to lose? Well, Laura and I consistently went and when the Groupon ran out we had a big decision to make. The price was going to go wayyy up so we decided to look elsewhere. It turned out we found another deal for an unlimited gym membership. We gave that a shot and I immediately knew that was it. Once that 3-month offer ran out we both chose to become members!

Meanwhile, I found out about the Tone it Up Bikini Series challenge through social media. I invited some friends to do it with me and Gabby and Veronica stepped up to the plate. This challenge was very daunting because not only were we supposed to workout twice a day but we had to record all of our meals. So each night we would email each other with our workouts and food. BUT THIS WORKED because I didn't want to tell them that I drank a coke and ate a brownie and sat on the couch watching tv! NO! I wanted to be proud of what I did. And we were able to share advice and stories. We were also encouraged to take before pictures (which I have) and measurements. And I was amazed when I started losing inches and pounds. However, this was just too much to keep up with and we were unable to consistently continue after the challenge ended.

The following winter was hard because I felt like I lost a lot of my progress. My pants were fitting tighter and I just felt bad. I felt bloated and tired and had no confidence. I was just hiding under all my layers.

This year I decided to give the Bikini Series another try and really commit myself to sticking with it. I took the plunge and bought the nutrition plan. This time I lost 8lbs and numerous inches and have kept it off. Now eating healthy and working out is part of my weekly routine. I've gone 5 months without coke. Of course I still indulge and maybe more than I should but I know that my motivating friends will keep me in check.

Plus Karena and Katrina are fabulous trainers and I love the tone it up community. Its like one big girl party :) The workout videos are fun and there are a lot to choose from so that keeps it interesting. They are always posting new content and it's FREE! But how do I stay motivated when I get in a slump?

-encouragement (from my husband, family, friends and co-workers.)

-accountability (I have a fitness instagram account. I post my check-ins there and connect with other tone it up girls to help keep them accountable)

-the gear (I got those awesome teal Asics and Tone it Up yoga mat *pictured at top* last Christmas so of course I want to put those to good use)

So here are my favorite workouts
-Cardio: Zumba!!! ALWAYS (and my new favorites are Pound and Hitty Bitty Bikini)
-Arms: Bikini Arms Routine by TIU
-Abs: The Best Ab Routine by TIU
-Booty and Thighs: Malibooty workout by TIU
-Stretching/Flexibility :Yoga

and my next journey??? The Fit for Fall Challenge!!! Who wants to do it with me??

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