January 28, 2016

Traveling with a Pet

I've decided to redirect the focus of this blog so for now I'm gonna call it a lifestyle blog. I've said before that I don't want to soley focus on design posts. There's a lot more going on in my life. I love food, fashion, fitness, traveling and the list goes on. Basically my point is that I don't know if I'll create a new blog or change the face of this one but for now, I'll be writing about whatever comes to mind.

Tim and I did a lot of traveling in 2015 and we took Artie (that's my fur baby if you're new around here) everywhere we went. He got to go camping. He went to Asheville, Charleston, DC and Williamsburg.

I want to share some tips on where to stay, what to bring and how to plan for traveling with your pet.

Where to Stay

-From our experience we found that La Quintas are a very good, affordable option. That doesn't mean that everyone will be great. You have to use your best judgement.

-We also loved using an Airbnb for traveling with our pup. Just check it as an amenity that you want and it will narrow down your options easily. We used this option for our Asheville trip.

-Make sure the hotel has your contact info in case something happens to your pet while you are not there. Also make sure the hotel allows you to leave the pet in the room unattended. A LOT of them do not.

-Also, you still may want to notify the host/hostess on Airbnb even if they do allow pets. They may tell you about some specific rules applying to your pet. For instance, in Asheville there were pet blankets to lay over the bedding to avoid dog hair  and dirt getting on it.

What to Bring

-Although Artie is house-trained we still usually take some sort of carpet cleaner in case he does have an accident. 

-Something familiar (a blanket, toy, their crate) Bring something that will comfort your pet. They are more likely to get acclimated to their new surroundings when they feel at home.

-Paperwork. This one may sound ridiculous but some dog parks require you to have vaccination forms with you and you never know what might happen. Better to be safe than sorry.

--Have water, treats and food close by in the vehicle. We pack Artie a separate bag from our belongings and put it in the backseat. If we forget water, we will get one when we stop for food and let him drink out of the cup :)

How to Prepare

-Call. Even if a website says a hotel is pet-friendly, call before you book. Sometimes they have hidden charges or extra cleaning fees or are very restricted in what pets they allow (certain breeds or sizes or amount of pets) If you call and make sure you get the name of who you are talking to, you can avoid a future problem when you arrive

-Pit stops. If you are driving long distances, remember that your pup will probably need a potty break and maybe even few minutes to stretch their legs. They don't know how far the destination is.they don't know if there's 10 minutes or 10 hours left.

Extra Tips

Remember when taking a dog to a strange new place they may get nervous. Artie did not like the elevator at first (mostly because of the bell sound) so we try to take him down the stairs when possible). If you take a dog thats used to a quiet neighborhood to a city, they may bark at sirens or loud music. Don't get mad at them. Just know you may have to adjust your plans.

Keep in mind if you are taking a dog to a city, make sure there will be a safe place to walk them. Try to find out if there will be sidewalks and street lights. And don't forget poop bags!! HAHA

Happy Travels!

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