April 22, 2016

Bikini Series Goals and Inspiration

This Sunday I will be starting my 3rd Tone it Up Bikini Series!! I've gone from a newbie to an obsessed member. But that's because it's changed my life. I've shared a little bit about that recently but today I am talking about the future, not the past! Today, I am putting my goals out there in hopes that I can stick to them for the next 8 weeks. There are a lot of things on this list and it may seem daunting but I've broken it down so that I can focus on each area. I love that Tone it Up is about so much more than eating well and working out. They want you to be your best self. Every year I finish the Bikini Series SO confident and ready to take on anything.

Nutrition: I didn't want to just say "eat more veggies" although I know I need to, these goals are more related to areas I really need improvement on. If I follow the Bikini plan, I should be eating enough veggies anyway ;) Meal prep...I know it is SO important but every time I get burnt out from doing it. K&K have really given me the tools to succeed so I want to utilize their grocery lists and menus more because I know it will mean taking a packed lunch v grabbing Panera or Chick-fil-a.

Workout goals: I haven't taken before pictures yet but I think for once I won't be embarrassed by them. I like my body now and it can only get better from there! I really want to challenge myself to do things I haven't tried before in hopes that I will see even bigger results! Some of my squad is even talking about doing a triathlon but I'm not quite there yet. I love that we each have our niches. I love doing classes like Zumba, Pound, yoga and some of the girls love running, biking or event different sports. One thing I particularly want to start again is playing tennis with my hubs!

Personal: These are my favorite type of goals to set. The Bikini series, although a challenge, is VERY FUN! Why? Because I am doing alongside some AMAZING women! It is the best community! Like I said, personally I am in a good place so now I want to help others in their journey.  And I am SO excited to be attending our very own little mini TIU retreat in September! It will be the ultimate meet up for girls in the area :D

Here is a little inspiration board I put together from Pinterest to give me an extra boost of motivation but summer approaching is actually enough for me...it's my favorite time of the year! I know the timing of this challenge will be hard because we have a lot going on during it: vacation, anniversary and it ends around my birthday.

Are you doing the Bikini Series? What are your goals and motivation? 

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