April 6, 2016

Stitch Fix #1

Hi Lovelies! Today I'm gonna share my 1st Stitch Fix experience with y'all!

I've known about this company for a while but just recently got the guts to schedule my fix. I knew the clothes were more expensive than what I'm used to but I LOVE the concept.


  • someone else does the work for you
  • get to try stuff on in your own home
  • receive unique pieces that not everyone can get
  • discount if you buy all 5 pieces
  • fun surprise in the mail
  • free shipping


  • no need to go shopping...and I LOVE shopping
  • may take some time for your stylist to get your taste just right
  • slow process...I was itching for some spring clothes and was too impatient to wait 3 weeks
  • have to pay styling fee if you don't choose to purchase anything

If you're new to Stitch Fix I'll give you a short run down. You sign up and fill out a style profile. (I spent a lot of time on mine making sure it reflected what I want to receive.)

Next, you select when you want to receive your fix and then you schedule it. They will have a personal stylist curate a box for you. The box includes 5 items. (And now they even offer shoes!! So you can be dressed head to toe and accessorized!) Once it ships, they charge a $20 styling fee (which is credited toward anything you buy)

Once your fix comes, you try everything on at home and checkout online. Anything you keep they charge your account and anything you want to return goes in the prepaid bag! Its very simple.

In my note to my stylist I asked for spring attire that would be business casual but also creative since I'm a designer and all... I mentioned my favorite colors and pieces I was interested in receiving: a pencil skirt, romper, springy tops. mentioned patterns I like: geometrics, florals, leopard, etc and noted my style icon, Lauren Conrad! I also shared the link to my fashion pinterest board

Sorry in advance...some photos are blurry. But thank you hubby for putting up with all of my outfit changes :) Also, I am not a fashion blogger so please be kind!


Item #1 Dinky Fringe Sandal- Return
Loved the idea but the color doesn't match very much in my closet and honestly they weren't very comfortable. Plus $60 for sandals is pretty steep for me. But I could tell they were very well made.

Styled them with my new dress from Target!

Item # 2  Ondrei Racerback Top- Keep!!
I love the fit of this top, the style, the pattern and the material! Basically everything! Now I need a white blazer though haha!

Love the back as well...I also think this top is versatile for multiple seasons!

Styled it with my J.Crew cropped pants and J.Crew flats!

Item #3 Hearst Cross Back Blouse- Return
I love the color...obviously and the material. It is sheer so it was challenging to find a good cami for it. I like the back detail. Ultimately its similar to a few pieces in my closet so its going back.

Back detail- styled it with dark denim jeans from Loft!
Item #4 Rinna Dress- Return
Felt too youthful to me. I want more sophisticated pieces. I understand why she chose this. I also think the all over polka dot was too much for my petite self. Its actually navy even though it looks black. Was very comfortable and stretchy.

I did LOVE the back...

Artie was watching me the whole time...he was overseeing the photo shoot!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST....Item #5 Christiana Pencil Skirt---> want to keep!
I loveeeee this skirt. I'm sure it looks very plain BUT it fit perfectly. It was thin and stretchy. there is no zipper or anything you just pull it up. And this is the perfect color for me and my wardrobe. I have tons of stuff to complement it. It is $78 which is more than I spend on any clothes other maybe outerwear....or a designer bag haha HELP!! Can someone convince the hubs that its worth it??

See?? It is the perfect work attire staple!!

AND this is NOT stitch fix but I found a romper that I loved and couldn't pass up. Of course it's Target!
Please don't judge my pale white legs...can't wait to rock this over the summer with a tan!!

SO that's it! Have you tried Stitch Fix before??? If so, share your links. I'd love to see what you got. If not, try it out HERE

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