March 28, 2013

Shopping Favorites- Etsy

I love talking about shopping!!!! Don't you? So today tonight I am going to share some fabulous shops and finds!
Keep in mind it could take me years to show you all of my favorite from every store that I love so I am going to focus on one that I have not talked about much. We all know my love for Target, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Gap and Old Navy but I want to show you a few more you might not have expected.

This post is kind of a prequel to my giveaway! Remember Brielle? She featured my wedding over on her Event Planning blog. Well she is going to be a part of this upcoming giveaway and is also giving ALL of you readers 10% off your order with code TEAL10
see the link for her shop at the end of this post :)

Lets get to it. What are you loving from Etsy?? Have you ever purchased through them?

Etsy- The Teal Version :)

Now obviously there are many shops within but I will just share specific products. I searched/bought many wedding things on Etsy and they never disappointed. But they have way more to offer than just wedding products. Here are some of my favorite things recently:

and last but definitely not least Brielle's shop!

It's almost Friday folks...hang in there!! 
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  1. I love the color teal right mown it goes with everything'! Can't wait to check out her shop!!

  2. I'm an etsy addict lol I love those mason jars!

  3. Hi Samantha. I just stumbled upon your blog while reading comments elsewhere. So glad that I did and I am following you now to keep up with what you are doing. I am luvin' that clock and also the custom city and state print. :)


  4. Love the pillows and the state print. I want it all- thanks for sharing!

  5. Love all this teal. Super cute items!

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