March 11, 2013

Borrowed and Blue FEATURE

Guess what?? Our wedding is being featured over at Borrowed and Blue as wedding of the week! Go check that out ASAP! And if you want to see more of our wedding, head over {here}

I "met" Brielle through her blog Mr. D and Me. And now she has this event planning business and a very cute Etsy shop that even sells blog designs! Whew, I bet she stays busy!! Go on over and say hi to her :) And you can even submit your own wedding to be featured!!!

Goals Update for February (I know....I'm behind)

Here are those goals I mentioned I would be working on for 2013. I've given you an update after month 1, am I doing any better? Let's see!
  1. Eat healthier Have to admit that I am not really doing this...its not quite as bad as around Christmas time but I know I can do better (less sweets and soda)
  2. Exercise once more Still been trying to get to the gym twice a week. But I got a good workout helping some friends move last weekend.
  3. Read 12 books (1 per month-gotta start small) Divergent was my month 2 book. Waiting on the second one from the library. Tempted to just buy it though.
  4. Try more new recipes- Still need some new ideas. Trying to not eat the same things weekly/bi-weekly though
  5. Make and order our wedding album Yikes...someone MAKE ME DO THIS
  6. Be a better friend -yes, however I would love to send some of my friends some snail mail (packages would be better..too bad I'm poor haha)
  7. Travel more - Visited our parents, went to Blacksburg and going to D.C. soon. I would say that is plenty for now.
  8. Be more active at church -we've been going pretty much every week but I still want to get involved in a bible study. I think this would help me keep God in the forefront throughout the week.
  9. Get more organized and get rid of clutter - Need to do some spring cleaning! and get rid of some old clothes when I switch them out. Otherwise we are pretty organized.
  10. Do more DIY projects- gonna be soon once its warmer :D already have a few in mind!!
  11. Blog more efficiently- This I am doing. I will try and pick down times to just write a bunch of posts and schedule them. And also responding to comments through email is much faster.
  12. Do more for others-trying to think of ways to do brides- let me know if you need ANYTHING! I know how stressful that can be!
  13. Budget wisely-pretty proud of where we are with this...can't wait to get our tax return to pay off a loan!!
What are some suggestions you have to help me stick to my goals? What are some goals of yours for this year??

Happy Monday!

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  1. We need to meet up on Google Hangout again soon and I will point you in the right direction of some FAB recipes. When we were first married, I made the same things over and over but I eventually found more (easy) recipes and I have a whole book full of ideas. I'd love to share :)

    ALSO. DO YOUR WEDDING ALBUM! I've seen some great coupons for online bookmaking/printing recently so it won't break the bank. We can also talk about this when we chat, because I am a photo book making PRO!

  2. wow - congrats on having your wedding featured! so exciting :)

  3. Girl, thanks again for letting me feature you! Your pictures & advice were perfect (:


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