October 23, 2013

Toast, Nashville, a Wedding and a Giveaway

I stole borrowed this blog post idea from my Bestie Veronica who also borrowed it haha! Thanks girl and congrats on your new job :D

One more thing before we get started...go enter this giveaway!! I sponsored Susannah's blog this month and she put together an awesome fall favorites giveaway AND you can read about my favorite fall tradition while you're there!
making : watercolor prints for my Etsy shop! Can't wait to add some new ones
cooking : Not much lately but still eating good! Went to Toast on Monday night with Kim and it was DELISH! I had the meatloaf!
reading: blogs, I have been especially enjoying finding other Richmond bloggers
watching: a lot of things: Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, New Girl, Modern Family and the list goes on...
looking: forward to our Anniversary vacation next year. Veronica, Kevin, Tim and I are GOING TO NASHVILLE!!
playing: with Artie and watching him take naps on the sofa with the hubby
wasting: time on my computer while I should be cleaning
sewing: I.don't.do.that
wishing: my boss Courtney a Happy Birthday today!
enjoying: all of your kind comments and emails. I will get respond to them all, I promise!
waiting: for the weekend...patiently
liking: the new church that we have found and all of the people we have met there
wondering: what the future holds
listening: to Country...constantly! loving all of the new songs lately especially Lady Antebellum and Band Perry
thanking: God for all of his blessings in my life
going: to the downtown ghost tour on Friday. Yay...another fall bucket list item!
loving: my husband...always
hoping: to find a Richmond photographer to take new blog head shots for me on a small budget
marveling: at the sacredness of marriage. I love being reminded at weddings!
smelling: All of my yummy fall scented candles
wearing: my boots and cardigans!! YAY...I wish the weather could stay like this.
following: lots of people on twitter + instagram...find me there
noticing: the change in the weather...its supposed to get down in the 20's on Friday night...NO I just want pretty fall leaves. Is that too much to ask?
knowing: that I need to eat better or at least cut out sweets but I just can't
thinking: about my friends and family...I miss them
pinning: ideas for a client mood board, remember Mandy that I did the fall swap with? I also found my dream kitchen while on Pinterest

opening: a gift from my new SISTER-IN-LAW GABBY!! She sent me a picture of us in an awesome frame!
giggling: at all of the halloween costumes for dogs. We really need to pick one for Artie!
feeling: excited for the upcoming months
 Also, here's a few pics from the wedding we went to this past Saturday! Congrats Emily and Tyler!
 The beautiful bride

She made these centerpieces!!

blurry, but you get the idea

Emily and her mom made homemade grape jam as favors!!

The guestbook

Happy Hump Day!!
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  1. Yay glad you got it! I couldn't decide on the picture, there are too many good ones of us! :)

  2. pretty, pretty wedding you went to! And I love your post on this...it's so fun! I have to say I'm really liking writing one like it every now and them.
    YAY for our nashville trip!

  3. What gorgeous wedding photos looks like it was a great day :)

  4. I started watching New Girl about 2 weeks ago and I can't get enough of it, no idea why it took me this long to join the New Girl band wagon! I love those wagon wheel chandeliers at the wedding they are gorgeous!

  5. sounds like lots of good stuff going on lately :) that wedding looks lovely - those centerpieces are so cool. and of course artie needs a costume :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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