October 2, 2013

The best donuts ever

Did you just click on that link to find out what donuts I'm talking about?

THESE!!! Yes, I ate almost half before snapping a pic! 

Here is our weekend recap (late, of course):

Tim and I (and Artie) went to Carter Mountain this weekend which is on my Fall Bucket List 2013!! And it was AMAZING! Artie loved it (until about 10 kids came up to him at once to pet him). He then proceeded to look at me and beg me to pick him up.

Artie loves road-trips! See....he's smiling :)

We got our bag and started picking apples. We ended up with 10lbs so if anyone has any good apple recipes, send them my way!! The Golden Delicious and Jonagold apples were available for pickin'. Surprisingly Artie didn't try to eat them off the ground.

Afterwards we walked around in their shop and then got w-a-r-m, f-r-e-s-h, APPLE CIDER donuts from their bakery!! I really shouldn't have to say any more than that but I will. We got a half dozen and I am wishing we had gotten more. We will be returning very soon to go apple picking eat apple cider donuts. And then on Monday, Kim decided to inform me that they also have apple cider slushies! What?!

The view was breathtaking. I now see why everyone has been raving about Carter Mountain Orchard!

The rest of the weekend was spent watching football (Tim) and decorating for fall (me). You will have to come back for that because I haven't taken any pictures yet.

I also picked up a Frankenstein toy for Artie while I was Fall shopping and he loved it.

Have you completed anything on your Fall Bucket List yet?? Have you ever been apple picking? What is the best donut you've ever eaten?
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  1. This looks amazing and I'm super jealous!!!! I've always wanted to go apple picking, but that just does not exist in Texas!

  2. I have got to get up there..we never go. We have a big thing here in Madison (near Charlottesville) at Graves Mountain Lodge. It is the first three weekends this month. They have vendors, apple picking, pumpkin picking, food so I always go to that but this looks like so much fun!

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! Nate and I are hoping to go apple picking soon... We'll see if we can find time for it in our schedule right now, though. :-)


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