May 2, 2014

Bikini Series

Yes I am starting another challenge. I hope you all enjoyed Style me April. I will not be participating in Style me May but I may do it again in a few months.

I did share my favorites on instagram. Its no surprise that I picked outfits with my favorite colors (teal, yellow and pink)

This new challenge will actually be a challenge. It will take motivation, hard work and 2 lovely accountability partners (and an encouraging husband) to get me through it. Its the BIKINI SERIES 2014!!! I love that I find these things on Instagram and just go for it. My blog friend Kayli shared a recipe and was using the hashtags #tiuteam and #tiumeals. I had seen them around a few times but had NO idea what it was about so I clicked on it and found a whole other world. Turns out tiu stands for Tone it Up and Karena and Katrina started it. Who are they? Certified Personal Trainers and Nutritionists. But that doesn't even scratch the surface. They have created a challenge called Bikini Series that is FREE to join and gives weekly workouts, nutrition tips and more. There is also a community of girls that connect and encourage each other. It sounded like just what I needed. I have been eating especially bad since last fall. I figured it would get better after Christmas and then after Valentines Day but I just kept eating bad and not exercising. So I signed up and then I shared the challenge on Instagram. Gabby and Veronica decided to join me and be my accountability partners. They have done a fantastic job so far!!

 And did I mention that this challenge is 8 WEEKS long!! It started on the 28th and ends on the first day of summer, just in time to show off the "bikini body"

These past 4 days have definitely been very different. I have had more energy. I have been waking up earlier to jog in the morning and then do the toning exercises in the evening. I also signed up for Zumba classes recently so that is just an added bonus because I LOVE ZUMBA!

Another part of the challenge is 100 by summer. The goal is to put in an extra 100 miles over the next 8 weeks. That averages to 1.7 miles a day. Or do the equivalent in another cardio exercise.

Here's some of my inspiration:

Here are my personal goals for this challenge:

1) Eat healthier and like. I need to stop drinking coke and eating dessert every day. I know I can do WAY better. I am so used to yummy, fattening southern food.

2) Go down a pants size or 2 or 3. Every year I have to buy bigger clothes. I want to go the other way.

3) Be able to run a 5k with stopping or walking (this is big for me....did I mention I despise running---like I'd rather go to the dentist haha)

Reward: A new bikini ;) and maybe a fun run (like Color me Rad?)

Sorry I didn't have many pictures. I will be sure to try and document this process better!! I dd take before pictures but I won't be sharing those on here.

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  1. WOAH! We must be on the same page today, because I blogged about the Bikini Series today, too! I guess Chuy's brought us together ;)

  2. I need to get into eating better and exercising again! I need to check this Bikini Series out!

  3. I'm rooting for you! I know exactly what you mean about having to buy bigger sizes every year. My metabolism tanked a couple of years ago and on top of that I'm dealing with some hormone therapy that really packs weight on fast. When I see the bikinis when I walk into Target in spring I'd like to be excited, rather than have a minor panic attack. Haha. Good luck! Can't wait to see your progress!

  4. I did the Bikini Series last year and loved it. Although I quiet halfway through due to schedule changes and things kind of went up in the air, but I'm doing it again this year and trying to stay motivated all the way through. Wishing you the best!


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