November 12, 2012

Get this look!

On my coffee date w/ Annamarie last week, we shared blog ideas with each other. She convinced me that this one sounded great! Hopefully we will guest post for each other some time, but you should definitely check her site out if you need a photographer! 
I love when I see these types of posts on other blogs because it shows me that I can afford a beautiful space. Target is a great place to achieve a cute space for less as long as you don't leave with the whole store in your cart!!! ;)

How to get this look: Soft, Romantic, Chic, a little Glitzy, Clean and Simple

Inspiration Photo

Raindrop Mirror:


Wall Color:
Ben Moore At Sea

Would you want to recreate this look?? Do you use inspiration photos to design your home? How do you think these items compare?

Now for a little weekend recap:

The hubby and I drove home on Friday and my parents fixed us a yummy steak dinner! My granny and Eva got to come over and visit since I wasn't going to be home long. Denise drove down and picked me and her maid of honor up that night. :) The next day we (Denise, Nicole, Denise's mother and future mother-in-law) went dress shopping for her! It was so much fun. Denise didn't find the dress yet, but she looked beautiful in all of them and I got to bond w/Nicole too! We had lunch at Salsaritas :) I SOOO wish we had one close by. Its delicious! We hung out at her house the rest of the day and headed back Sunday afternoon. We may or may not have sang 90's tunes on the drive back... I miss her already :( Can't wait for your wedding Denise! Love ya :)

What did you do this weekend? Anyone else planning a wedding/dress shopping??

XO Samantha


  1. I love this look for less post! So fun!! :)

    1. Thanks! It takes a lot more time to write than others but its worth it!

  2. This is a great post! I want that little gold poof from Target!

    1. Thanks! I would love to have the whole room!

  3. A great post! And I love the look of your blog!
    Leanne (your newest follower)

    1. Thank you! I checked out your blog as well :) I love the design! I'm your new follower as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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