April 10, 2013

A *Winner* and Julep

First order of business would be to announce the winner of our Bloggy Friends Giveaway! And the winner is:

Congrats girl! 

Now for today's topic: Julep...have you heard of it? They are known for their nail polish but they have other beauty products as well. Click here to learn more about them! So why is this important??

Because I have a great deal to share with you!! If you sign up to be a Julep Maven, you can get a free(with $3.99 shipping) intro box (USE CODE FREEBOX) Who doesn't love (almost) free stuff!!! You can get 3 nail polishes or 2 and a beauty product (such as mascara or hand creme).

You can take the quiz to find out your style or just pick your own. I got Classic with a Twist but I ended up choosing the It Girl box(which they apparently changed?). I can't wait for them to come in the mail...they have already shipped so it should only be a few days!!!!
These colors are FABULOUS! I can't wait to use them :)

Here are some fun nail idea's I want to test out!!

all sources can be found on my Pinterest

Who am I kidding...

*I was not compensated in any way for this post. These opinions are my own.*

And I recently became an Influenster member so be on the lookout for a post on that!

So tell me...do you like these fashion/beauty related posts? Or do you want me to stick to design and lifestyle posts? Let me know if you get your intro box and which one you choose!
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  1. The nails are all gorgeous. I wouldnt know which one to pick.

  2. I'll have to check out Julep again. I've heard of them, but never really checked into it!

    I like to have cool nail designs like those on my nails too, but I don't have time for that either...haha!

  3. Wow- I wish I was skilled enough to do my own nails like that!

  4. I sometimes do cute nails like that for my daughter. They all look great!

  5. Ain't NO BODY got time for that! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!

    The only time I seem to find to do my nails is 20 minutes before bed. Every time, I wake up with a nifty sheet pattern smooshed into my newly painted nails. :(


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