April 14, 2013

Scripture Sunday {1}

Remember on Easter I shared an idea to start a Scripture Sunday series? Well, here it is!

I have decided that for now I will elaborate a little bit and maybe give a reason or story as to help you relate to a particular verse for each week. Then, if you have questions or want to further the conversation, you can comment or email me :)

So for April, the focus will be Love

As a newlywed, it is important to remember that our relationship with God will help strengthen our relationship with our husbands or wives. It is so sad that today there are so many divorces and yes, they come about for many reasons but a lot of it is the couple giving up on each other. They do not want to endure the struggles of a marriage. But God wouldn't put them there if he knew we couldn't get through it. So the next time you are doubting your love for God, a spouse, family or friends just remember this verse. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us because HE LOVES US! He endured everything to save us.

Will be back tomorrow with a BIG collaboration post! Get excited :D
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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are doing this :)

  2. exactly what Kayln said :)

    What's the collaboration post all about?
    ps...I miss skype time...want to some time this week?


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