April 19, 2013

The Newlywed Game and more

Hi Lovelies!! Sorry I have been somewhat absent this week...life has been crazy!! However I can not even begin to compare it to what many have experienced this week. 

Before I get going on the Newlywed Game, I wanted to share some things with you. 
  1. I am participating in the Overcome the Lie 40 day challenge. This challenge will push me to grow stronger in my relationship with God. It is day 4 of the challenge and I can feel God working on me already. We are given a partner to pray for and lean on in this time. We are also asked to give up something for this challenge and I have decided to give up sweets. I would love for you to pray for all of the people doing this challenge!! You can still join in: if you are interested email Ashley @ info@overcomethelie.org
  2. My hubby defended his thesis on Wednesday (hence all of those baked goodies you saw if you follow me on instagram) and it's almost time for him to graduate!!!!
  3. We are going to Blacksburg this weekend :) I get to see this beautiful friend whom I haven't seem since my wedding (TOO LONG) and lots of other awesome people!!! And go to the Spring game!
  4. I need some people to guest post! Let me know if you are interested!! 
  5. I have another giveaway for you on Monday!!!

    Now for the fun part...
1. What is your spouse's top 3 favorite desserts? Do you make any of them?
PIE (any kind- banana cream, cherry, apple, etc) Cheesecake or Milkshakes. No...I like to bake but this stuff is too complicated!
Ice Cream, Brownies, Any kind of cake. No

2. What are your spouse's hobbies?
Reading, Fishing
Blogging, Reading, Shopping, Cooking, Baking

3. What is your spouse's love language? See information HERE and take the quiz 
HERE. ps: Read the book! It will work wonders in your relationships.
His was Acts of Service.
Hers was Quality Time.

4. What is your spouse's go-to music for the car?
Country for sure...he loves Eric Church and really likes kinda folk/country/rock (not sure what category it fits into.
Adele or Lady Antebellum

5. What is one of your spouse's fears?
He is not big on heights...
Spiders and snakes

6. What is on your spouse's to-do list for the home? So what are home projects your spouse wants to tackle? Or other projects, if not home related.
Nothing at the moment. We are in an apartment so most of the maintenance is taken care of by them. But don't worry I'll have some diy stuff for him to help with soon enough!
Get a rug, a bedskirt, and make more curtains (for the bedroom).

7. What is your favorite date night activity as a couple?
Well..we LOVE to eat out and I love when we can do outdoor activities
Go out to eat.

8. What was your first impression of your spouse?
I thought he was hilarious. 
Beautiful (aww sweet husband)

9. What is your spouse's dream vacation destination?

10. What was your favorite part of your wedding? Something you worked on, looked for, researched...just something you were proud of and glad to have.
The cake design :) 
The music

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  1. My husband's favorite dessert is pie,too, and I don't make it either! I can bake but pie is too much trouble....plus I don't even like it.

  2. cheesecake was popular this past week! I've got a recipe! I love making it!

    ahh country music! I'm still working on my husband...

    haha all the bedroom decor is on you! :)

    glad yall linked up!


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