April 28, 2013

Sunday Scripture {3}

Well, this is the last week to focus on LOVE. Any guesses on what the next topic will be? You will just have to come back next Sunday to find out!

Since this is the last week I will give you a scripture and a song!

Remember the Overcome the Lie challenge I told you about? Well, today's specific challenge is to send someone in the challenge a note of encouragement. I think this scripture ties perfectly into this challenge. A great way to show someone you love them is to encourage them. As easy as it is to judge someone or ignore them if they are plucking your nerves, we must remember to love one another because God loves us. It is not our place to judge someone based on their decisions or situation. I challenge you to encourage those around you this week. Love and pray for them. 

How Deep The Father's Love for Us

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  1. LOVE this post :) Pun intended! Hah, but in all seriousness, such a great post to read this Sunday. Fabulous reminder that we can always do a little more than usual to encourage and love those around us.

  2. Such a wonderful song, hope you had a wonderful weekend and will have a great week as well!
    Really enjoying your blog and following you via bloglovin :)


  3. Girl! God is good, no?! I literally found myself singing this song this morning and hadn't even read your blog post on this yet! I even pulled this song on youtube and listened to it and I ALMOST sent it to you! How crazy is that?!
    I love when He surprises us like that!

  4. New follower from Wildcard Wednesday! LOVE your blog! :)




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