June 27, 2013

I'll have my birthday cheesecake and eat it too...

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So...yesterday was my birthday...and I turned 23!! It was a very special day but I was still bummed that I didn't get to see my family.

Here's how it all went down....

Kim brought me a salted caramel and chocolate cupcake to work for lunch....it melted in her car but it was still delicious! She even had an awesome candle and the Chipettes sang me happy birthday haha!!

Kim and Ashley came with Tim and I to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (hence the title of this post). I opened my gifts before we left.

J.Crew Chain Link Pave Bracelet :) from my parents...it's so sparkly!!

from Gabby (she's so crafty!) and sneaky. I mentioned a few months ago that I would love a quilt to match my living room and showed her some on my Pinterest. Little did I know she was actually making me one! 

Its all my favorite colors :D

Wearing it as a cape..

Cheesecake Factory time...after we got out of the monsoon that came through RVA haha
Yummy meatloaf, taters and corn succotash. (3 meals worth)

Fresh banana cream cheesecake!! It was amazing!

My blurry birthday treat. Mini ice cream sundae.

Me, Kim and Ashley

Me and Tim 

Tim got me another cake with strawberries on top that we have yet to eat....oh and he owes me a puppy :D 

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments and for making my day perfect!

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  1. YUMMM Cheesecake Factory makes me so happy. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great one :) PS, the banana cream cheesecake is the BEST one there!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Dinner looks yummy and the colors of your living room are so pretty and fun!

  4. Happy Birthday! That caramel salted cupcake sounds incredible! Love everything- from your gift's wrapping to the gift to your curtains!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!great party and a banana cream cheesecake and a dinner looks so yummy...
    best wishes and kisses

  6. Happy Birthday again!!!
    Looks like a great day, maybe one day we will celebrate together :)

    ps: I'm with you, Tim owes you both a puppy! ;)
    pss: I wasn't ignoring you last night, my phone died and we were at our friend's house...and then I left it there on accident, oh geez

  7. Aww! That quilt is such an awesome birthday present!!

  8. Happy Belated birthday! Love your bracelet!


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