June 17, 2013

Summer Shenanigans

So sorry I have been absent lately. I feel like I say that every time I post now but I really have just been going about my daily life.  

What have I been doing lately? See for yourself!

Lets start back when I went to one of my best friend Denise's Bachelorette party. I wanted to spill the beans so badly but it was a surprise for her. Now I can say that we went ziplining and it was AWESOME! Then we went to the Melting Pot for dinner. It was my first experience there and all I can say is who doesn't love cheese and chocolate?? I will be back! 

There I go...backwards! Only one of us could manage to stay forwards!

Me and Val (we go way back...)
Me and the Bride

The whole group at the end! We did it :)

and then all dressed up for dinner!

Our anniversary was the next weekend...but you will have to wait a little to hear about that.

1) I got to enjoy some relaxing time by the pool this weekend! And my toenail color matched the pool water!
2) We had a big storm this past week and this is what it left behind. So glad I took a second to peek outside or I would have missed it.
3) I got a new haircut. I am loving all of the layers. My hair has so much more volume now!
4) We are super busy at work but I love days like these when we get to preview granite or do something out of the ordinary!

Oh and one last thing...I organized this little Richmond blog hangout that took place YESTERDAY and it was sooo much fun. We ate at Chuy's and it was delish! It is such a treat to get to meet these ladies in real life after reading their blogs. 

Be sure to stop by Virginia is for Bloggers to see their recap and sign up if you are a blogger living in VA!

Have you ever been on a blate (blogger date) or local meet-up?

I have had the pleasure of meeting some other bloggers at a Cooking Demo and chatting with Sara over some froyo! And of course I can't wait to meet my blogger bff Veronica next year!!! (cruise or Nashville??)

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my summer so far! Have you ever been ziplining?

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  1. okay so I'm jealous of your blate! Holly and I hope to get one off the ground soon!

    I know you're crazy busy but it looks like fun crazy busy!! Maybe we can catch up sometime!

  2. How fun!! And I love your hair! It looks so voluminous and bouncy! Like a commercial!

  3. AHH, I've always wanted to go ziplining - looks like you had so much fun! I really need to try this soon! xo

  4. It could not have been more perfect! Thank you for helping make my day so awesome!



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