June 5, 2013

Marriage Series- 52 Happy Moments

If you missed the intro to this marriage series, check it out!

June is the most exciting month of this year for multiple reasons but especially because of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on June 9th! I have been awaiting it for a while now and have loved celebrating each monthly anniversary leading up to it.

Today I am thrilled to share lots happy moments and memories from the first year of our marriage. I love that I get to document this special occasion in such detail so that I can look back on it for years to come.

I am taking my own spin on this weeks topic. I am not very good at portraying humor and sarcasm on the blog so instead I am going to share 52 happy moments from the first year (some specific, some general)!! Why 52? Well there are 52 weeks in a year so....

Here are my favorite things that have happened since June 9, 2012.

  1. going on our honeymoon cruise to the carribean
  2. changing my last name 
  3. coming home after the honeymoon and opening wedding gifts with our parents
  4. redbox movie nights
  5. going on walks around the neighborhood
  6. decorating the apartment for Christmas
  7. picking pumpkins at Ashland Berry Farm
  8. going to the Watermelon Festival
  9. playing with Camden and Maddie (our little cousins)
  10. celebrating Tim's birthday at Busch Gardens Christmastown
  11. celebrating Valentines Day with a heart-shaped pizza
  12. getting groceries together 
  13. doing DIY projects 
  14. eating out...a lot
  15. making our place a home
  16. getting jobs in our chosen fields!
  17. getting smart phones
  18. cuddling on the couch
  19. VT football games as alumni
  20. going to friends weddings as a married couple
  21. making major loan payments
  22. puppy shopping haha
  23. Friday cheers
  24. finding a church home
  25. the crazy nicknames Tim makes up for me
  26. hosting our families in our new place
  27. watching an entire series of House
  28. Denise visiting and having dinner with her and Justin
  29. watching The Walking Dead on New Years
  30. going to UVA to watch Hokie Basketball
  31. hiking by the James River
  32. the Tacky Lights tour
  33. fishing (and by that I mean watching Tim fish)
  34. watching Tim graduate with his Masters
  35. trying new recipes
  36. 4th of July fireworks on Brown's Island
  37. exploring Belle Isle with Ty and Gabby
  38. Easter at the Carpenter Center
  39. making homemade ice cream
  40. going to the gym
  41. swimming at our apartment pool
  42. frostings cupcakes and cookout milkshakes
  43. seeing the Jefferson at Christmas
  44. decorating gingerbread cookies with Anna and Ryan
  45. exploring Carytown- the Byrd Theatre, bookstore, unique shops and more
  46. the Irish parade
  47. drinking hot cocoa and watching the snow fall
  48. reuniting with Brittany in Blackburg
  49. Olivia and Chad visiting for the day 
  50. the VMFA
  51. thrift shopping and yard sales
  52. planning our anniversary and future vacations

More on our 1st year of marriage coming soon!

I want to start a new tradition: whenever we have a funny or special memory we will write it down and put it in a jar. Each anniversary, we will open up the jar and read the notes from the past year. What do you think??

June 5:
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  1. That sounds like a good tradition, a good way to remember things. I like it :)
    and I love the spin you took on today's!

  2. I like the spin you put on the post today!! :)

  3. Love that idea with the jar! What a great way to look back on great memories!

  4. That's a great list, and you guys seem so happy!! :)

  5. i love your list!! and that idea. may i steal it? :)

    congratulations! our first anniversary is the 15th :)


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