January 29, 2013

Goals update

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Here are those goals I mentioned I would be working on for 2013. So how am I doing after the first month:
  1. Eat healthier Better than I was before but still haven't cut out soft drinks and sweets all together
  2. Exercise once more Been to the gym pretty regularly...mostly the elliptical!
  3. Read 12 books (1 per month-gotta start small) Month 1- Water for Elephants (and already started on Les Miserable and Divergent)
  4. Try more new recipes- A few...I made shrimp po'boys from my new cookbook and herb crusted pork chops from Pinterest. Any recipe ideas/suggestions from you readers? Help!
  5. Make and order our wedding album Haven't started on this yet
  6. Be a better friend I have caught up with most of my girls! (few more to go) I have been making some new friends too! Veronica and Sarah :)
  7. Travel more Not yet- but going to see Denise in Fairfax next month!
  8. Be more active at church Been going to church but haven't stepped out of my comfort zone yet. Were going to try some more new churches!
  9. Get more organized and get rid of clutter YAY! Finally bought binders and organized our papers. Here was my inspiration.
  10. Do more DIY projects- Not yet, see below
  11. Blog more efficiently- I think I am doing this...been writing posts ahead of time and scheduling when they will publish!! And I have lots of new ideas :)
  12. Do more for others Not yet. Will get inspired by this blog!
  13. Budget wisely We have been more conscious as far as regular purchases like groceries but we did just make a big one...our new sofa!
If you made it all the way through, Congrats! Haha!

By the way, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU! My little blog has been growing pretty rapidly and I have had the pleasure of making so many new blog friends :) If you are new here, WELCOME! I am always eager to hear from you and answer any questions or just chat.

NOW to make this blog post a little prettier, here are some DIY projects I am thinking to do next. What do you think?
DIY Bathroom Storage
DIY Shutter Mail Holder
Pinterest (original source not found)
DIY Pearl Necklace

DIY Suburst Mirror

Which should I do first??

p.s. Get really excited for tomorrow and Thursday's posts! 
Hint-my first real guest post and first ever link up!!! 
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  1. Yay! Thanks for the shout out. :) I am loving the pearl necklace, but I am a pearl girl!


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