September 20, 2013

The Greeting Card Shop

Ever realize you forgot to buy a birthday card or wedding card for someone. Don't have time to run out to the store and fight the traffic and crowds? Well, I have a fast and easy solution for you! The Greeting Card Shop 

" is an online greeting card shop that allows our customers to personalize a greeting card with a message and a photo to be mailed directly to their recipient. These are not e-cards; they are paper greeting cards which are printed and mailed via USPS. The site offers convenient features such as the ability to set reminders for future birthdays and holidays, as well as the ability to import contacts to make sending cards easier."

Here are some of my favorite cards that The Greeting Card Shop offers!

Let's recap shall we:
  1. ALL CARDS are just $1.99
  2. You can personalize it
  3. They mail it for you
  4. They have cards for every occasion!
  5. They send you reminders for upcoming birthdays
What's not to love? Be sure to use The Greeting Card shop for your stationary needs!

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  1. interesting! I've never heard of this until now! thanks for sharing! by the way, i'm up for swapping buttons now if you want to email me with yours and i can send you mine!


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