January 6, 2014

A New Face and a Facelift

Oh man am I excited about this post....

I don't know which exciting part to talk about first?? 

Okay...let's talk about the facelift. I have enjoyed this blog design that I made some months ago but I am ready for something new, something fresh and by someone else. I loved designing my header and everything in photoshop but the install was just too stressful and I couldn't ever seem to get it exactly how I wanted it. Long story short- Jana is working on a new design for me right now. So that will be coming soon :)

Now...for the new face. But it's not exactly a new face....you've seen it before on this blog. Gabby, my new sister-in-law is going to be a contributor for Designer in Teal!!!

Why? Well because frankly I think she should have a blog of her own. She is SO talented and creative and I just know you are going to love her. We are going to start with her doing one post a month and just see how it goes! She may be sharing DIY posts, new recipes or maybe random stuff like I do.

And also because I want to bring you a fresh perspective and a wider array of topics (and she loves teal almost as much as I do!)

So to help you get to know Gabby, we're gonna do a little Q&A. Comment with your questions below (or you can email them to me). 

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  1. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing the new design, a new blog look is definitely on my to do list for 2014!

  2. Yay!!! This is awesome!!! There are some great things in store for Designer in Teal. :-)

  3. ooooo I can't wait to see the new look ANNNNNDDDD meet Gabby!

  4. Oh new blog designs are the best. They are so refreshing. I started last year off with a new design and it was so nice! And how fun to have your SIL on your blog! Love it! (: Found you from the collective blog hop!

  5. Excited to see your new blog design - it's really just as fun as opening a Christmas present, that first time you view the design they've created for you. lol. and what a good idea to have her on your blog! I'll be looking forward to reading (now that I'm back to blogging!) happy new year!

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