April 18, 2014

A First Impression

Being an interior designer, you can bet that my main concern when house hunting was the interior space.  Of course I had a preference on the exterior style as well but it took a back seat to a beautiful and functional interior.

However, when someone comes to visit what is the first thing they see?? The front of your house (let's hope). The front of our home was already appealing but I knew I could step it up a notch. We could spend forever landscaping (and we have) but there are some simple ways I knew I could update it for cheap.

Let me remind you...this is what it looked like to begin with:

First and foremost, I PAINTED THAT DOOR! Red is probably my least favorite color and we all know what my favorite color is. Yup, it's teal now!! YAYAY...(happy dance) I LOVE it! What a huge improvement.We also switched the kick-plate and door knocker to oil rubbed bronze! (and plan to do the keypad soon)

Gabby made me the welcome sign and it even had a teal ribbon on it so I decided to start there for inspiration. It has the rustic touch that complements my style but is still cheery and fresh!
(clearly we need to powerwash!)

The previous owners left a welcome mat which was very sweet but it matched the red door...not my teal door. So, we are going to replace that with a lovely "H" monogram doormat.
I also wanted to fill in the space to the right of the door a little bit more so we are going to add a barrel planter. But wait....don't you see it in the picture above?? Tim surprised me by bringing one home after work yesterday!!! Happy Easter to me :) I want to plant some yellow and white flowers in it (teal+yellow=perfection) and always more greenery (maybe a fern?).
We also added solar lights to light the walkway leading to the front door. It was a small touch but I like that it defines the area.

I still have plans to add seasonal wreaths but I think after we finish all of this, it won't "need" it.

And at some point I would love to switch out the porch light to one of these!!
Home Depot (save)
Shades of Light (splurge)

What do you think so far?? It definitely feels more like our home now!!

Also, we finally ordered the living room rug!!! That should arrive within a week and then all that's left are the chairs :)

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  1. Ohhh I LOVE the color on the door! So cute!

  2. I love it!! Is it starting to feel like your house now with all the changes? 😊

  3. I am so excited to see your amazing home! I can't believe how much work you've already done on it...so impressive friend!

  4. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful!!! SO much better!

  5. Yay!!! I love decorating! We're buying a house and even though we're not in it yet and won't be for a few months (It needs some TLC), I have Pinterest boards FULL of ideas for some of the rooms so far!

  6. Looks great! It definitely pops!

  7. LOVE that door color! :)

  8. Hi! I am visiting from Virginia Bloggers - I would never have chosen that color, but it looks AWESOME! You have a great eye.

  9. Well that new look is great!!!! I love the teal and I definitely love the mat- we have the same one at a couple of doors at our house :-)

  10. I agree. A house must really have an appealing front exterior, because it's the first thing that people will see. And I must say, your house definitely achieved it with all the additions you placed in to it. Especially with your door. Now I understand why teal is your new favorite color, as it really looks warm and pleasing in the eye. Now that your front door is done, what's next on your list?

    Iris, Woodward Real Estate Group

  11. I just love the teal door! And that planter is going to look fabulous with some bright yellow flowers!

  12. Ohh, I love that color! Very bold and just what a front door needs! This motivates me to paint mine which is good because that is on the agenda for the weekend. I'm thinking of a plum... we shall see!

  13. Love the door! I've really been wanting to paint ours!

  14. I love bold front doors! It's going to look so colorful and cheery once you add the yellow flowers!

  15. I love that teal door. I hate red too!! I can't wait to buy a house and have you decorate it.. PLEASE!!!!


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