April 10, 2014

Style me April

I hope all of my readers haven't moved on since I've only been posting about once a week but if you are still out there then thank you!! I appreciate all of you who take time out of your day to stop here and read about my adventures as a wife, fur-mom and homeowner!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been participating in Hilary's challenge called Style me April. I first saw it when Jana shared this...
Hilary created this to inspire ladies to be creative with their wardrobes. Everyone participating is encouraged to connect with each other. Hilary says, "Be generous with your likes and your words of affirmation". 

I am not the most comfortable posting pictures of my self every day for all to see. This challenge has not only helped me renew my wardrobe but has given me a new sense of self confidence. Everyone has been so kind and I have been so inspired by other women. Each "like" and comment brings a smile to my face.

I have debated a few times whether or not to gear by blog towards fashion and always end up telling myself I am not stylish enough. But now I can see that I do have my own unique style and people are responding to it. Don't worry I won't be doing that....I love posting about design and my new home too much! However, there is a strong correlation between interior design and fashion design. 

So without further adieu, here are my outfits so far! (sorry if you've already seen this on IG)

Day 1: Skirting around town. Easy peasy, except it wasn't quite warm enough to wear a skirt. Oh well!

Day 2: Neutral and a Pop of Color. Well Gabby and I had just gotten pedicures the weekend before and I chose a hot pink shade from Essie so I knew pink had to be my pop of color.

Day 3: Oh Hello Sailor. This was my first challenge. I have lots of stripes but nothing I thought would be appropriate work wear. So what did I do? ---throw a navy cardigan over it. And I even dusted off my red high heels.

Day 4: Day to Night. I got a little lazy on this one. Now I think I should have worn a dress and maybe a blazer over it?? I do love the outfit but I think the night version could have been better. 

Day 5: April Showers. There were no showers in sight so I dressed to match the sunshine. Yellow, polka dot denim and flip flops were the definition for me.

Day 6: Always Nabs a Compliment. Uh...I don't know. I get a lot of compliments on my clothes but not on one specific thing. Most people point out the J.Crew stuff and then I get to tell them I got it for next to nothing from the clearance store (NOT the outlets) and sample sales!!

Day 7: Pretty in Pastels. I LOVE pastels and they are very trendy this year. I could have put a LOT of outfits together for this one but I decided to pair mint and pink together!

Day 8: Jungle Tribal Tropics. When I saw this one at first, I laughed so hard but it actually turned out to be pretty easy. However, I can imagine that you could go a little overboard!! All leopard, everything :)

Day 9: Pump up the Volume. A voluminous skirt plus I also intensified the texture and color!!

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  1. I've been loving these outfits everyday! You look great!

  2. I have totally been enjoying these pictures on IG!!!! You are one pretty stylish lady!

  3. It makes me laugh that I'm the one who you learned about his from, and yet I only posted 3 days! Haha, I've just gotten so busy and I forget. I love seeing your outfits every day! You are rocking this challenge! :)

  4. Don't apologize for only posting once a week :) I think people will love reading whenever you have the time to post:) If you are a consistent once a weeker, that's great! :)

  5. I love seeing your styled outfits everyday on insta :) you should share more about it on your blog... I read the blog Putting Me Together for awhile and it helped me so much to just be CONSCIOUS about what I was wearing - and now fashion is much more natural to me! Seems like this challenge is helping you figure out the same :)


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