April 16, 2014

Summer Vacation

Before you start reading, I would like to ask you to take a moment of silence to Remember the 32 Hokies that lost their lives on April 16, 2007. I wrote about this last year (here) if you would like to reflect further. Thank you.
Anyone else been daydreaming about the beach?? (toes in the sand, bikinis, sun tan or drinks by the pool) Yup, I'm talking about summer vacation! You may recall that Veronica and I had big plans to go on a cruise this summer. Tim and I LOVED the cruise we went on for our honeymoon and I couldn't wait to go back. After adding up the costs of the cruise and the flight we changed our plans and decided on a shorter trip to Nashville. Veronica and I started researching stuff that we wanted to do and even made a Pinterest board for it. Anyone wanna take a guess as to what happened next?? We bought a house! Unfortunately I had to call Veronica and tell her that we wouldn't be able to do Nashville this summer but proposed a 3rd alternative- that they should come visit us here in Richmond.

It's official. They are coming. I can't wait to meet this girl in person!! Seriously....I have no doubts that we will instantly be best friends. Now if I could only convince them to move here! June can't come fast enough!! (I even put a countdown widget on my phone!)

So for our summer vacation we are going...nowhere! Haha, I really am OVER THE MOON excited for them to visit and I think it will actually turn out to be a fabulous staycation! Maybe while they're here we can plan our cruise for next year??

Now I have to come up with an itinerary for their visit. If you are local, I would love to know what recommendations for activities/restaurants you have. We definitely have our favorite spots already but I want to also try some new places while they are here. I love the thrifting guide that Young House Love shared. We may also take a day trip or two to Monticello or Williamsburg?? Have you ever visited friends as a summer vacation?? What were your favorite parts?

They are coming June 10th which is right after our anniversary so I am hoping to convince Tim that we should have anniversary pics taken of the 4 of us because Veronica and Kevin's is the week before ours. I wanted to take some last year but Gabby did get some great ones of us that Fall. I've got to figure out an anniversary gift for them as well. I should recruit Gabby for ideas since you now know she is SUPER creative!!! Speaking of which, everyone LOVES the welcome sign she made me. (find out how to make one here)

I'm still hoping that we can make it to the beach later in the summer but until then I'll just get me a lounge chair, kiddie pool, margarita and sit on the deck pretending I'm in paradise. Hopefully I won't end up quite as pale as I did last summer.

So, who wants to pack me in their bags to Hawaii or Italy?? :)

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  1. I really want to go on a vacation this summer too, but I think we're also staying local. We shall see!

  2. I spent my last summer here on this beautiful island in Croatia. It was really worth of visit. lafodia

  3. Veronica is amazing, you all are going to have so much fun!


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