April 4, 2014

March recap & more

So I have been having a lot of little random things I want to write about/share with you but each thing on its own isn't enough for a post. So after seeing Ashley's March recap, I thought that what better way to catch you up than a round up from the whole month? (get ready for picture overload)
Well the biggest thing that happened this month was obviously buying a house!! But there is a lot more that comes with that like....


And Painting...lots of painting!

and Shopping....lots of shopping!

And having our first guests (Ty and Gabby...who else?)
Yes we are wearing rain jackets....it rained the entire weekend. And the restaurant we went to had a Christmas tree up (I'm guessing year round?)
Oh and this lady made some AMAZING gifts!! If you missed that, Gabby shared how she made the Welcome sign on my blog, and the cart full of goodies on her blog.

We FINALLY got a picture of the 4 of us...first one!!! (plus an Artie photobomb)
And then eating a lot
The (christmas tree) restaurant we went to for lunch was called Traks. The food was delicious with HUGE portions!!
I made brunch on Sunday before they left. We also had mimosas and leftover Dixie Donuts!!!

And now that the rain has gone away and the temps are rising, we have been getting the backyard ready for spring/summer!!

Teal patio furniture anyone??? I LOVE Target and World Markets outdoor collections!
I really want these ranunculus to go around the mailbox!! Aren't they gorgeous?? The yellow would look fabulous with my soon-to-be-teal front door

Was your March this crazy??? 

You might have missed: 
-our honey-do list and living room updates! 
-Appliance shopping

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  1. Nice pic of us all! Even Artie looks good! :)

  2. Target is dangerous when trying to decorate! I could buy so many things there! Yay for buying a house!!! We're in the process of that right now :)

  3. yay for a new home! congrats - it's so stinkin cute!

  4. Oh my word what a busy month! No wonder you don't have time to sit and write! New houses provide a lot of material for blogging, but for time to write? No way!!!!! I can't wait to see what projects you've been working on, when you get a free second.

    PS I love that you're being serenaded with March Madness as you paint ;-)

  5. Congrats on buying your house!! :) It looks beautiful!!

  6. i'm soooo behind on blog reading. but congrats on the new house and all the painting. also love the new blog design too :)

  7. You had a busy month lady! You're making so much house progress so quickly! I'm a little jealous ;)


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