January 16, 2013


Here is a little post to help you get to know me a little better. I found this link up and decided to join. So here we go:

5 Things you will find in my bag
  1. my phone (even though I can never seem to find it)
  2. my coach wristlet
  3. chapstick/lipgloss
  4. gum (usually spearmint)
  5. hand sanitizer
5 Things you will find in my bedroom
  1. My new nook (sitting on the bedside table)
  2. A cross-stitch made by my bff Sammi
  3. My jewelry stand with all my statement necklaces
  4. LOTS of shoes
  5. Pics from our wedding

5 Things I have always wanted to do
  1. Travel to Europe (especially Italy)
  2. Take a cross country road trip
  3. Own my own business (bakery/design/wedding planning) Haha
  4. Design my own house
  5. Be on a tv show

5 Things I am currently loving
  1. That Justin Timberlake and Boy Meets World are making a comeback!!!
  2. Targets new spring collection
  3. The Walking Dead 
  4. That our new sofa is being delivered Friday
  5. The flowers my hubby surprised me with!
Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Great lists of 5 :) I sooo want to take a cross country road trip too!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully me and my hubby can do that as a vacation sometime!

      XO Samantha

  2. Travel to Europe is on the top of my "Always wanted to do" list too! My mom and I are planning a Paris/London trip sometime soon-ish!

    I really need to start watching The Walking Dead. Everyone says it's amazing.

    1. Ooooh jealous!! We wanted to go for our honeymoon but it was wayyyy to expensive

      YES you should watch the walking dead! I thought I would hate it but its very addicting


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