May 9, 2013

Jackie's Inspiration

Meet Jackie! She and I have very similar blog styles and many common interests. We both have obsessions with leopard, nail polish, DIYing, and lots of glitter (hello, just look at our blog designs). We also have a huge love for PUGS :) Aren't hers precious?

P.S. I am guest posting on Jackie's blog today so hop on over and check that out! 

Bowie and Rosie

Excited to be guest-posting on Samantha's blog today! I love her blog and it constantly inspires me. My name is Jackie and I blog over at Jackie Jade. My fiancĂ© and I bought a 1940s house about a year and a half ago and we've been busy fixing it up and decorating it. Check out my blog to see some of our fun past projects: new fridge, diy kitchen curtains, new carpet, and diy gold art.

Today I want to talk about using white as a design element. Sometimes white can seem blah or boring, but I love when a lot of white is used as a statement.

First up - I dream about having an all white kitchen someday. Instead of being boring - the expanse of white makes the space look bigger and more inviting since it is so bright. White subway tile is so classic and the open shelving keeps this kitchen looking bigger and airy.

Next up, how about an all white bathroom? If you're like me, you're tired when you hop in the shower in the morning. A bright light-filled bathroom like this would certainly help to wake me up.

I probably could not do an all white living room (thanks to my dogs!) but I love both of these spaces. The first is modern and sleek while the second is more romantic and classic. In both, all the white helps the spaces look bigger.

Lastly, white looks so great when it is several objects collected. It would be so easy to just added a white cover to your books to have the collection of books. And who doesn't love milk glass and lovely flowers?

I love how the white is so impactful when it there is a lot of it - do you agree? Are you a fan of white?

Thanks again to Samantha for hosting me today. Please visit my blog Jackie Jade and say hello!

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  1. yay - so happy to swap blogs with you today!

  2. Those Smooshies get me every time. Hopped over to your blog from Jackie's! So glad to have found you. :)


    Jules of Canines & Couture


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