May 28, 2013

What didn't we do?

Hey Y'all!! Hope you had a great weekend and took some time to remember fallen soldiers and thank those that have served in the past or are currently serving. 

We had a very fun filled weekend that has left me exhausted. Since Ty and Gabby have visited quite a few times we were trying to find some new things to do and still ended up revisiting a few of my favorite places.

By the end of this post you will be wondering, what didn't we do?? and you will be thinking that its the longest post you've ever read!

Oh and all of the photo credit goes to Gabby!

Friday night, Tim and I had a little date night with some Arbys and Parental Guidance on Redbox. It was the fanciest Arby's I had ever seen...there was a full grown tree in the middle of a glass atrium and the menu was definitely different. I was going to take a picture but I would have seemed like a creeper to the couple sitting by the tree. The movie was really funny and cute. I would definitely recommend it. Also, I am wanting to go see The Great Gatsby...anyone have reviews for me? Is it worth the $12ish ticket? 

They arrived Saturday afternoon and we went to one of my favorites for lunch- Hogshead Cafe!!! Then we headed to Maymont. We went there back in August with Olivia and Chad {here}. There was a wedding taking place in the Japanese Garden. It turned out to be a beautiful day for walking through the park although it was pretty crowded. 

We love swinging in the trees!

Unfortunately we missed a part of the garden because of the wedding but did get to see the pretty waterfall.

The Italian Garden...not sure which I like better but I think it was my favorite with all of the bloomed flowers! and its at the top of the hill so it overlooks the mountains.

Love this one :)

Had to get a jumping picture under the pergola!

Typical...we had the gazebo to ourselves.

Then we did a little shopping at Short Pump Town Center...I got some new shades from Loft! Yay :) Those were on my birthday wishlist! We got everything we needed to grill out on Sunday and a board game to play- Loaded Questions. It was so much fun...we played for hours! 

Sunday morning we went to church and got lunch a Qdoba (another place I love to eat at). We did a little internet research for things to do and found the Tuckahoe Plantation (the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson). It was gorgeous and we felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Matching outfits!!!

Everything had such beautiful landscaping!

The horses came to see us :) 

We had to pose on the porch

I couldn't resist this one...

and more posing..

Our pants matched the ceiling!!

I found a swing...probably couldn't have held much more weight.

And we went walking by the James River! Some people were in the water! No way...too cold for me!

To finish off a busy but awesome weekend, we grilled burgers and corn on the cob and went to Rocketts Landing to see the fireworks!
What a beautiful sunset and Richmond skyline!

Those are my favorite :D

If you made it...I applaud you! How was your long weekend??

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  1. oh my gracious! What a fun weekend! I love it all!
    my favorite picture is the one where tim is picking you up on the porch, so cute!
    girl, we need to have our own little vacation! I'm working hard on the husband...this fall? Labor day???

  2. So I started flipping through the pictures before I read the top part (don't judge I love pictures lol) and I got to the picture of Italian Gardens and immediately stopped scrolling and thought "OMG! That's Maymont!" I forgot for a moment that you live in RVA and I was so jealous! I miss home and can't wait to get back there! Do y'all go to Maymont a lot? It is one of our favorite places to go and we love getting our pictures taken there. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend :D

  3. Looks so fun! I haven't seen the fireworks show yet, might need to put that on my list!


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