September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites #2

I really enjoyed doing a Friday favorites post last time, so I figured I'd give it another go and who knows it could become a regular post.

Things I am super excited about:

  1. Denise asked me to be her bridesmaid! and with an adorable infinity ring from Etsy :)
  2. We are starting on a modern kitchen project at work!! I love kitchen design (probably because I love to cook)
  3. Erin gave me a cute Go Hokies sign! another maroon and orange addition to our apartment (and just in time for the game tomorrow!)
  4. I get to skype with Sammi and Olivia this weekend!! Love and miss them soooo much :D

Sites/blogs that I am obsessing over:
  1. My Semi-Charmed Life (love your blog Anna)-
  2. J's Everyday Fashion-
  3. Life with the Hawleys-
Current Favorite Shows:
  1. Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives (always love this show, but especially in the fall)
  2. The Voice- loved the first season and its at my favorite part (the blind auditions)
  3. and well House still.... (this will probably never change or maybe it will when Vampire Diaries season 4 starts)
Current Favorite Songs:
  1. Maroon 5- One More Night
  2. Fun- Some Nights
  3. Phillip Phillips- Home
Current Favorite Stores:
  1. Red Dress Boutique- especially their jewelry
  2. Target- love all of their stuff but especially seasonal stuff!!
  3. Clementine- boutique shop in Carytown :)
No need to write a wish list this time since I just did a post on that here.

What are your favorite shows, songs, stores, etc. right now?? Be sure to check out these other blogs and give them a shout out too! Do you enjoy the friday favorites post? I am always discovering new things that I love especially since I started blogging and I love to share these things with you (like the Red Dress Boutique- I found that from J's everyday fashion blog)

XO Samantha


  1. I love it! SOO HAPPY that you're going to be my bridesmaid!!! <3

    1. had to post about it! It was too cute of an idea not to and I am WAYYYY excited :D


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