September 30, 2012

Banquettes oh my

I always wished that we could have a banquette at my house growing up. I love the idea of grabbing a big bowl of cereal, curling up in the corner of the kitchen and eating while looking out the window. I realized that after looking through the images that I found, all of them have a giant window to look out. 

Here is why I just adore banquettes:
  1. They are more custom than just a table and chairs. 
  2. They make awkward space usable.
  3. The built-ins can be used for storage also.
  4. They feel more cozy like a sofa and allow you to cuddle (with the husband hehe)
  5. They can be an extension to your kitchen design.
These images all have a wonderfully wide variety of chairs, chandeliers/lighting, tables, pillows, and cushions. I hope that I can be that bold when I get to design my own banquette for my own home one day.

I guess I used to think that banquettes were very traditional, but these spaces show that they can be very stylish and modern. It shows you don't have to go to a furniture store and buy a set of table and chairs. You can buy individual pieces that you love and mix them together to create the perfect eat-in kitchen banquette space.

I think my absolute favorite of these is the 2nd image. The yellow, orange and teal pillows and accessories perfectly complement the ghost chairs and rustic farmhouse table. The round table softens the corner and makes it more inviting. (and this one has the storage underneath too!!)


Which ones are your favorites? Do you like eat-in kitchens? Do you think I'm a little too obsessed? Haha! 

XO Samantha


  1. these are all so beautiful! i always thought it would be so cozy to have one of these (didn't know what they were called though)

    1. Aren't they? and each of them are so different and unique :) I hope I can design some cool ones for clients eventually!


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